The City of Swords

Session 15

Let's get this party started.... or.. reformed?

We're on George's boat and close to shore.  We see something in the water (some things actually).  About 10 humanoid things.  Initiative! One jumps up and critically hits Bob (like way unconscious).  They're very stabby with their tridents.  After a couple bouts, and mishaps, we kill!  We loot!  76 GP, 45 SP, 80 CP Agate- 10GP, Agate- 12 GP, Ivory- 55GP, Jade- 120GP, Moonstone- 25GP, Obsidian- 11GP, Topaz- 600GP.  We make it to shore.  Kero pays a dock kid a couple copper to take a message to the Temple of Asdan to let the bad guys know their cargo has arrived.  They show up to the boat to check out the wares.  Stewart and Argo (mostly Argo) intimidates the poop out of one guy, and asks for credentials.  They are who they say they are.  Argo shakes on the deal, and the magic pact is removed.  The temple guys will be back to unload the goods from our boat.  We meander a bit, but then realize we have a mission- get Giles and bring him back!  We head to the Temple of Aleria to meet up with Maria.  We are bound to be at the service of the Temple for their keeping Giles safe and for performing the ritual.  Maria advises us to be back at first light, to be clean, and NO metal allowed.  It's 5GP to dock the boat.  We go back to Kero's to rest, clean up, and spend the night.  Kador decides to check out the basement area.  There is no door, no draft, nothing extraordinary about the basement.  We sleep well, and the night passes uneventfully.  Kero rises early to pray to her god and Aleria.  She wakes us about an hour prior in order to get the Temple on time.  We pack up certain items and head off.  We get there, and Giles (his parts) are on a pedestal.  Stewart's lute is blessed, and he begins to play for the ceremony.  They begin the ritual, and Giles is revived!  He does not look well.  He is pale and sweating.  Elleanna senses that her pack is hot, even though we're not in the same area as our stuff.  Stewart decides to place a cloth over Giles' nether region.  In the meantime, Elleanna's pocket gets warm, and she senses a card there.  Before she pulls it, we determine we should get our packs, but no one really wants to break the circle.  Stewart tries, but we're not able to move beyond the circle.  We ask Maria to throw our stuff into the circle.  She tries to throw a rock, but it won't enter the circle.  Elleanna pulls the card and we're transported.  There is an eclipse with a blood-red sky.  A vortex forms under Giles. Elleanna jumps into the vortex! The rest are swallowed by it.  We're in a dream-like state.  We come upon an empty fairground area.  There are empty tents, etc. on grounds.  It is eerily silent here.  We get Giles some clothes.  We check around.  Elleanna casts Detect Magic, and it is painfully blinding.  We see blood coming from the corners of her eyes.  There are no fresh prints or evidence of people or creatures here at all.   Stewart is suddenly drawn in a certain direction, and is not able to resist.  He notifies the party, and we follow.  There is a woman sitting by the fire, asking for coins.  Jamie obliges with 12 GP, and she offers him a seat by the fire.  Stewart also offers some coins, and to play her a song.  Giles leans down and offers a kiss.  Elleanna offered Oil of Light, Kero offered prayer, Kador offered a dagger, Argo offers a hug and his dragon candle.  Len/ Behrito has marshmallows to offer!  Bob adds a pinch of Adamantine to the tin, and it produces a pecan pie, which he offers to her.  The lady at the fire has a deck of cards.  She waves her hand over the deck.  A jewel-encrusted pin appears, and she offers it to Jamie for his generosity.  Thom is offered a card.  He flips it over, and instant death!  :-0  Kador is offered a card, and flips it.  She disappears!  Behrito is offered a card.  He declines.  Kero is offered cards to choose from.  She asks her god's guidance, and chooses the left card.  It brings back Thom as a girl (now Tammy)! She is bound to Kero to serve loyally for life.  Elleanna is offered the cards.  She chooses the middle card, and a quarterstaff appears in her hand.  She then chooses the left card, and disappears!  Something will also happen to her later.  Three cards appear in front of Argo.  He chooses the right card, and… he loses three points of intelligence permanently!  He picks the right card and gets shoes.  He draws the middle card and loses a bunch of stuff.  Bob turns his card over and gets a throne (with an option to place his castle anywhere he'd like!).  Stewart declines the offer.  Giles is offered three cards.  Giles draws, and both Elleanna and Kador return!  They are now both male, and must serve Giles loyally forever.  Giles also got a cloak.  Her last gift to the group is a prophecy.  Countermand resolved, hunt entities to save them, when stars fall from the sky,… regret the choices you have made him…  Make peace with the end or perish. 

The card disintegrates, and we arrive back to the room at the Temple.  

Argo's shoes are identified, and he can turn into lightning! (Shoes of Lightning Leaping).

We return to Kero's house and find that we've actually been away for a couple/ several weeks.  We go back to "feed the meter" to dock the boat (another 5GP), and head back to Kero's to rest.  There is a package for Bob.  It is his "Kingdom Starter Pack".  His advisor (Argon!!) writes to welcome him.

Elleanna also gets a package.  They advise that she is no longer a princess in her realm (as she is now a prince).  They acknowledge her change, and new pronouns. 

Most of the party gets ready for bed (or other things…).  Stewart goes to drink with the servants, and Giles decides he also needs a drink.  Stewart asks him about the after-life.  He tells him it was pleasant, and now that he's back he is confused.  Although things are different, Stewart convinces Giles that he'll have another opportunity to die for one of our party, and we'll get him some cool items along the way.  They toast to his being back. 

Kador notices that Giles seems.. different in some way, but can't quite place it.  They drink a little bit more, and head up to bed. 

We wake for breakfast. Giles needs to shop for the basics.  Elleanna gives him the Topaz to shop with.  Stewart and Kador share with the group about Giles' change and disposition.  Giles comes back after about an hour with his purchases. 

We decide to pack up and get provisions to head out to Dasso (sp?).  We spend two agates worth of gold, plus 560 SP of party funds to get three weeks worth of rations for everyone.  We now have 336 GP, 667.5 SP in party funds.  

As traveling, we notice there is an abundance of crab off the back of the boat.  They are fast.  Jamie picks up the one crab that is already on board, and throws it at the other crabs.  He hits!  Crab on crab!  We magic missile, we dagger, and long sword against the group of crabs.  We wear them down, and Elleanna finishes the off with Magic Missile.  Crab cookout!  Argo makes delicious gumbo.  There are sparkly bits inside them.  Elleanna finds all the shiny bits- 200GP, 929SP, 3,280CP & 8 gems (Elleanna has them and knows their value).  

We plug along, and see a few forms in the water.  They're octopus, and seem… friendly?  We leave them alone; they leave us alone. 

We go a couple more days.  A row boat is following us.  There is an unnatural fog.  Something is climbing up the back of the boat.  They're zombies!  They're strong, but we are stronger.  They're not good eating, though, so we do not fry up the zombies for foods.

The next few days are uneventful.  We make it to the port town.  We either pay 16GP to dock for the day, or go the next town over to dock.  We decide to dock the town over, since it's a day walk away.  We make it to the new port.  It's 2GP per day to dock there.  We pay 12 GP for the week to dock, and 1GP for someone to watch the boat (13GP in total), and we're set for the week.  We make it back to our originally-intended town uneventfully.  

We explore and find the most populous tavern to listen in on conversations and ask questions around.  We find The Bear and the Badger.  It's by a dyer's workshop and a Dwarven home.  There are small rooms with wooden cots.  There's a cellar!  4CP / night per person.  Giles walks off; half the party follows, and then we all end up going next door to the dyer's place, and wander a bit before coming back to the tavern for drinks.  Giles, Stewart, Argo, and Jamie head to the bar.  There have been a lot of strange occurrences in town.  A bridge was destroyed, there have been ambushes along trade routes, and there was a spectral dragon in the marshes. 

Kero, Elleanna, and Behrito head to another tavern, called The Foolish Pilgrim.  They hear word that the local bishop accepts bribes to do shady things, there will be a dual between two scholars the next day, there is rumor of a vampire; children have been stolen in the night.  There may be spell-casting spiders in the area as well.  

We all spend the evening at The Bear and the Badger.  We pair up to share rooms (2CP a piece per night).  Giles wanders out during the night, and goes to sit by a fire.  Jamie follows, and notices that Giles is muttering incoherently.  The rest of the party remains in their rooms for a full night's rest, only waking at morning's light. 

We check around for information.  Stewart shares his knowledge and info on vampires.  We check local shops for items we might need based on the information we've acquired by listening in on tavern talk.  We'll likely need some silvered weapons. There are a couple shops with magic items, but they're kind of pricey (2,000 – 50,000 GP).   We continue to explore the town to stock up on the items that we need to face all of the strange things in this town. 




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