The City of Swords

Session 14

The brunt of the party is back at the bake sale.  Cut to Thom and Len- they wake up in a barn feeling a bit ill (nothing nefarious happened).  They walk out into the festival.  There is a random kid that tells them of the festival for Gwen, and points out her fortress.  Kador meets up with them and leads them back towards the bake sale.  Possible Sparkle pony rides to make some more money at the bake sale.  We make 14 GP and 8 SP at the bake sale for the day.  We head out ot take on the task of the missing live stock.  This day somehow seems a bit duller than yesterday? We ponder it for a bit, but move on to talk with Nancy.  The livestock job is off the table.  We walk back out, and notice the buildings are starting to fray?  Elleanna finds the card in her pocket, and notices that it's starting to fray as well, leading her to believe that something is happening to ths dimension.  We decide to go back to see Gwen.  Elleanna tries to knock on the door, but her hand goes right through the door.  She walks right through into a bunch of nothingness.  We decide to tie rope one end of Kador and she goes in after Elleanna.  Argo is on the other side of the door holding on.  Kador and Elleanna hear each other in the nothingness, but Kador runs out of rope. Bob runs his hands along the walls of the fortress, and finds solid wall, but some holes.  He tries to call for Gwen, but his voice doesn't reach her.  Thom calls out, and gets a response.  She's awake. We hear knocking around the corner behind a part of the wall.  Jamie finds a hole in the wall and puts his staff through.  Elleanna and Kador see it, and walk towards it.  Elleanna is able to exit through the hole. Kador is not able, and is stuck in the nothingness.  We call out for Gwen, she's busy.. and then not there?  Elleanna runs her arm through a part of the wall, and Kador is able to see it. She tries to move towards it.  Kador is able to reah Elleanna.  Her legs and arms make it through the wall, but not her head?  She ducks and finds herself back on the other side.  Yay!  Argo is able to bust through the door?!  It's his shape!  We call out for Gwen, but no response.  There is smoke coming out from the forge, but the door is closed.  Elleanna reaches out for the door, and it's solid.  Argo starts to fall through the door, and manages to brace himself.  The door is a pull door (oops), but is locked.  Len recognizes it's a wooden door and proposes for Kador to flame arrow it.  The hinges are on the outside, and Bob and Argo try to take the hinges off, but are not successful.  We tie one end of the rope to the handle and all pull (tug-of-war with the door).  We're able to bring it down, but part of the door sinks into the floor, and we need to cut the rope.  We now have two ropes that are 48 feet long instead of 50.  It seems like we could fall through the floor; that it's not solid.  We see someone standing by the forge, possibly Gwen.  Kador thinks she might be able to lasso her.  She throws! And a miss… She loses the rope.  We have one 48 foot rope now.  Len starts to send Sparkles forward.  Sparkles starts to fall through the floor/ dimensional floor.  Len grabs Sparkles.  Jamie grabs the other end of Sparkles.  They start to fall into the floor.  Argo grabs hold of Jamie; they're still slipping.  Kador tries to grab hold.  Slipping.  Thom tries to pull Argo back, but isn't able to hold on.  Bob tries to pull Thom back, but has no strength.  Len is able to get a better grip on Sparkles, and starts moving back in the right direction.  Jamie is sliding into the pit.  Argo is sliding into the pit.  Pray for Sparkles! We try to retrieve Sparkles and the rope, but only get 9 feet of rope back.  Kero makes her way to the fortress, but while stepping across the floor she sinks in halfway. She pulls out a rope and parsnip to see if she can entice Sparkle back.  We don't get Sparkles back, but she does get the full rope and parsnip back.  Jamie and Elleanna pour water on the floor and find that it stays.  Argo suggests holding the magic card against it; nothing happens.  Argo suggests tapping it, and Elleanna offers the card up to Argo to do it himself. "Fuck no!"- Argo.  The expression on his eyebrowless face says that he knows he should not play with magical items… We find another door instead, and poke it with a stick.  We try to open it, but strength is not working.  Bob casts 'Open', and it swings forward. We fall through the door, but not through the floor. We see Gwen forging something; possibly a trident.  We inquire about it, and what we should do with the materials we collected.  She suggests that we leave.  She finishes the trident she is working on, puts it on a rack to cool, and exits.  The archway disappears behind her.  Len walks up to the forge to see if he maybe remembers how to forge things?  He walks right into the forge! But he's not burning? Kero follows… then Elleanna.  Our party one by one casually walks into the fire.  We end up on the other side in a forest.  The forge closes behind us.  Len/ Burrito calls for Sparkles.  This is a dense forest, and there is a river in the distance.  Burrito finds deer tracks.  We decide to bunk down, and take watches.  The night passes uneventfully.  We try to figure out our whereabouts.  Luckily Kero has some sailing experience, and is able to deduce some things from the stars.  We need to head West to get back to revive Giles, or to get to Gasso/ Dasso (sp?).  Kero remembers that there is a coastal town between the two, and we decide to head there.  It will be about a week and a half travel time.  We find some food and provisions the first day, and it sustains us for a bit. The first few days pass uneventfully.  The third night Kador and Burrito hear a rustling in the woods.  They investigate, and tromp a little bit after it.  The rustling stops.  Third watch takes over, and they also hear the rustling, but nothing ever comes of it.  We go about the next couple days, and then suddenly… goblins!  We kill them!  Elleanna loots the bodies, and finds some gold pieces and silver pieces.  Also gems- Azurite- 11 GP,  Malachite- 9 GP, Sardonyx 50 GP, a Masterwork Great Sword.  Oil of Light, Oil of Purify Food and Drink.  Potion of Protection from Good.  Potion of Shield of Faith.  Scroll of Sanctuary.   Total Party loot to date (per Bob's treasurer tally) = 336 Gold Pieces, 1,237.5 SP and whatever our gems and potions are worth.  Plus the value of the metals that Kero has.  

On the third watch the next night, we find a unicorn!  We sit with it for a while, and it eats some of Kero's offerings, then leaves.  We continue on and find a cocatriece (sp?).  It is flying overhead.  Next night on first watch, something charges through the clearing.  It is a giant mantis!  We fight it in rounds and kill it.  Argo and Kador manage to make delicious mantis steaks.  

We finally make it to the town. Kero gets some information from the barkeep, and finds out the next boat to Ander isn't for another 3 weeks.  She does find out that there is someone in the village that may be willing to part with their boat.  His name is George, and he's grumpy. He's not willing to negotiate, since it's nighttime.  We find a barn- they're willing to let us sleep there for 1 copper each for the night.  We go back in the morning.  George begrudgingly allows Kero to check out the boat.  It looks like it would do the job of getting us all to Ander.  He asks 8000 GP.  Kero isn't having it.  Argo asks if there is any type of work George needs done in exchange.  He says he needs a shipment delivered to Ander, and we're not allowed to ask questions about it.  We decide to do it, and he then proposes 450 GP to buy the boat.  He also makes a blood pact with Argo -we're not allowed to look into the crates, and the delivery must go as planned, or we die.  George says he needs two days in order to prepare the cargo for the shipment.  Argo decides to spy to make sure there is nothing too shady about the shipment.  They see George loading 11 crates onto the boat; nothing is too out of the ordinary.  

Mission: We need to deliver the goods to people of the Temple of Asdan.  They will come to the boat to pick up the cargo.  The delivery needs to go off without a hitch.  (George did not specify that they needed to live after the delivery was made)



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