The City of Swords

Session 13

Maybe you have Triskaidekaphobia? That will be 5 cents please.

We make our way to the second shop and inquire about the costs of wares from the dwarven shop

keeper there. He is not impressed, and we cannot afford his metals. We attempt to make him a living

pie, but the tin only produces apple tarts (which are not alive OR regenerative, but are OBSCENELY

delicious). We decide to head back to Gwen’s to see what we’re able to forge from the metals we’ve

purchased so far. We arrive back, after an uneventful trip from the shops. Gwen is still asleep. Argo

pets the hair. We try to find materials to forge weapons, and decide to explore Gwen’s fortress. Argo

ventures down a hallway, and finds it is full of armor, some of which would fit him. Elleanna advises

against it, but Argo adds a mental note to ask Gwen about it later. However, he is compelled to try it on,

and it is wonderful and shiny. It has a magic aura (abjuration). We find a map! We decide to trek

around a bit. There is a human village, dwarven village, green field, and fey forest.

p.s. Brianne has- 4 Lbs Adamantium & 2 Lbs Glass Steel

We decide to go to the human village, and there is a festival in progress. It’s for Gwen! There are some

weapons for sale, people wandering, Arts & Crafts, and bards playing music. Stuart listens in on the

music for a bit, and decides to start playing. He does okay, and makes a bit of coin.

.1 automaton- 6 apple tarts

2 copper- 5 apple tarts

Grains of living steel & automaton- explode :::REROLL:::

4 apple tarts

We sell 9 tarts! 3.5 SP each! We sell 1 more tart!

We use more automaton (2 pieces) and get a rhubarb pie, and 4 small chocolate cakes.

1GP a piece for the chocolate cakes

Whole pie- 4GP (8 slices) 6” pie (there was an offer for 6GP for the whole pie)

Argo and Elleanna go check out the town board for possible jobs

Cows/ livestock are going missing, a second job is for house pets also going missing

There is a guard job for an actor

Elleanna goes to inquire (with Nancy) about the jobs for the missing animals

We sell 4 more tarts and 2 little chocolate cakes (made a platinum+ some silver so far)

We replenish stock- 4 apple tarts, and 3 more chocolate cakes

We sell 1 tart and 1 chocolate cake- (3.5 SP and 1 GP)

We sell the rest of our tarts- 3x 3.5 and our cakes (+3GP)

We make: 2 chocolate cakes, 1 apple tart, 6 apple tarts

1 pinch glass steel= 5 strawberry cakes (with strawberries and cream on top)- 3GP a piece??

1 pinch of adamantine= 25 shortbread cookies (minus 1 that Elleanna “steals”), and minus two given to

little girls that we made cry while asking about their missing pet.

We decide to sell the remaining shortbread cookies for 5SP a piece

We sell 1 choc cake, all tarts, all strawberry cakes, and 8 cookies

Kador realizes she a ranger! We can get on the missing animal detail because she can speak with


We make 6 lemon cookies, 5 apple tarts, 2 more lemon cookies, 3 chocolate cakes, 2 rhubarb pies

Sell: 1 rhubarb pie for 4 GP

All choc cakes

2 apple tarts

All lemon cookies

Sell 11 shortbread cookies

Total baked good sales = 35GP and 191.5 SP

We wake Gwen up. She has a candle-making class event that we all attend, along with the villagers that

signed up. Elleanna does well to make the dragon. Bob makes a wax ball…

We present Gwen the last rhubarb pie, and we all split it, and show her the ale that we sent back for


We decide to get the day going. Kador wants to check out some of Gwen’s armor.

Jamie notices that Gwen has a cylindrical tin on her. She explains that it’s her “never-ending cookie tin”.

Gwen like: Punching, Bricks, never-ending cookies, spikey books

We go back into town to tell Nancy that we’ll take the pet case. Citizens are offering 51 GP if we solve

the Mystery of the Missing Pets.

We wander into town and come upon a cat. Its tag reads “belongs to Suzy” and her address.

We find our way to Suzy’s, but we decide to let the cat roam and follow it around to see where it goes.

We follow it down into a sewer!

We try to stealth. It goes okay, until it doesn’t… clunk, splash, son of a bitch! Ouchies.

Kador spots something that takes us down a hall. We don’t notice much. Elleanna realizes it became

super quiet- no sewer noises, etc.

We were fired at by a crossbow arrow. Jamie turned around and saw a group of Drow. They say “die” in

Drow. Jamie tells us in common “they don’t like us”. They attempt to attack Jamie, but miss.

Argo hits one, and it dies. Bob hits one, and it dies. Drow hits Elleanna for 1 pt. Elleanna sets one on

fire. Drow hits Jamie. Bob gets an opportunity attack on one; it looks good (nat 20) and whiff (0

damage). Kador kills a Drow. Argo takes his swords and baseball bats the head of a Drow off, which hits

another Drow, and takes ITS head off, which then takes out two more.

Hopeless Drow and the Lost Kittens

Jamie punches THROUGH a Drow and pulls its heart out

We finally kill the last Drow, and LOOT the bodies!

We find gems- Crystal has totals, 26 platinum, 265 GP, 190 SP, and a scroll (shadow anchor-


We find Suzy’s cat in one of the bags (Alive!), but they also have animal bones in the other bags.

We stumble upon an alcove that appears to be the living area of the Drow. Kador finds a box with +20

platinum and 190 GP.

We take some animal remains, the collars, and Drow bits to show Nancy.

8GP total for lodging, which includes baths and dinner.

The night passes uneventfully. We bring our evidence for Nancy, and she provides us the reward of:

51 GP 230 SP 1200 CP- gems!

Masterwork Leather Armor- for humanoid

Magical items- 1 oil of erase, 2 oil of light, 1 scroll of divine favor, 1 scroll of protection from evil



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