The City of Swords

Session 12

Curse You!

Stuff…. decided to go back to dungeon.

checked Alleria room(detect magic found room is glowing faintly blue), found nothing. moved to converted cthullu room(det mag show faint green glow). Upon entering, the exits sealed.

Kero used divine guidance and found something in hand of alleria on floor mural.

upon removal, whole party had to save against psi blast and holographic lady appeared.

Sonnorae, holographic lady from mural of Alleria in converted cthullu room.  She has a very melodic voice.

She offered the party a tool to assist us in gaining strength, but the tool was not to be used lightly, not for the faint of heart, and use it with caution.  The tool that was given was an ornate deck of cards bound in a leather strap with a fancy picture of the goddess alleria on their back.

once the deck was given to kero, she disappeared and the room unsealed

Elleanna casts detect magic, and is temporarily blinded (like staring into a mini sun).  The cards are bound by a leather cord.  The backs of the cards are ornate, with the goddess of Aleria.  There is a card with a wanderer and books. The tool she provided (cards) is not to be used lightly, not by the faint of heart.


We go to another room in the dungeon (#4), and find a ladder leading up to a catwalk with something inscribed on the north wall.  No one is able to decipher the language upon immediately seeing the wall.   There are construction materials strewn about the catwalk.  Kero casts comprehend languages, and the inscriptions on the wall read “left, straight, right”.  Elleanna finds a magic glowing brick.  Bob finds a blueprint for a weaponized book cover.  We head out to the left, through the archway into one of the doors and enter the next room.  It’s not magical, and there is rubble (since the ceiling collapsed) and a ladder.  We carry on to room 8.  Our trip there is uneventful.  There are no new bodies, and no fresh blood there.  There is a set of stairs.  Kador leads the way down to a door, and attempts to “detect traps”.  Kador opens the door, and it leads to a brick wall.  Argo is going to attempt to break through the wall.  It doesn’t work.  The brick wall is immovable, and it doesn’t seem to be hollow behind the wall.  Kador sets the door and room on fire.  It gets smoky in the hallway, but nothing happens to the door.  We go up the stairs to check on the room where we once heard muffled voices to check it out. We hear slithering as we’re walking down the hallway.  It’s a snake.  :::Roll initiative!:::

It is a venomous snake! More snakes- There are two snakes! More are coming…

Bob tries to throw his staff, but in the narrowness of the hallway ends up hitting Kero.  Elleanna tries to flame it, but it resists.  Kador goes at it with a dagger, and hits with one of her attacks, doing some damage.  Kador hits again for a bit more damage.  Stewart hits one by Argo with a dagger, and kills that snake. Bob throws his staff at one of the other snakes that is already badly injured and inflicts slight damage- it dies.  Kero uses a touch attack against another and hits, does a bit of damage. Elleanna uses ray of frost, and inflicts a little more damage.  Jamie goes up and punches the snake, it dies…

Our party skins the snakes and harvests some venom (Bob borrows a vile from Elleanna).  We get to the door, covered in snake guts, and still hear voices on the other side.  Argo goes towards the door to try to force it open.  It is locked.  Someone on the other side pulls it back closed and locks it.  Elleanna throws the brick against the door; it hits and returns to her hand (boomerang brick!). Jamie throws against the door, the handle falls off.  Argo throws against the door, and keeps going, and going, and going.  Eventually the faceplate falls off, and destroys the magical component.  Argo takes major damage, and all his clothes (and any items that are not metal) poof, except his chainmail, which is burning into his skin.  He passes out. 

The door is still locked…

We cast light on a dagger and slide it under the door, along with another dagger to look around.  We see a key hanging firmly on a ring on a belt. 

We are unsuccessful in opening the door.  We rest in the dungeon and exit, ending back up in the basement of the brothel.  We go back to Kero’s house and rest.  Argo gathers some items that he lost in the great magical ka-boom.

Elleanna pulls out the tarot deck to check out the cards.  She shuffles them and finds the suits to be:

Keys, Hammers, Stars, Shields, Books, Crowns

We are transported to a different place, and it triggers a memory:

“Sonnorae is from a Verisian family that wants to preserve lore during an age of darkness”.

Wanderer was under the book suit

We appear to be in a fortress.  There is a woman sitting on a dias (?) She is wearing chainmail, and has tons of weapons.  She looks incredibly strong, and has a brick on her hip in a holster.  She is a human, with blue hair.  Her name is Gwen Azure! (she has no eyebrows).

She notes that we’re lacking beer and weapons.

We had a little bit of food, and then get into a drinking competition.  Half the party passes out at the first round.  Then everyone but Jamie drops on the second round.  Jamie finally succumbs in the third round.  We all wake up in the morning in individual quarters, all with massive hangovers (except Jamie).

Gwen meets us in the morning for breakfast (leftover Boar from the previous night’s dinner).  Gwen walks us down a couple sets of stairs into a giant forge, with a 40 foot heat source, giant set of bellows.  She asks Argo to push the bellows. Jamie also attempts to push the bellows, but both are lacking strength.  Gwen is able with one arm.  She advises that we are lacking strength.

In the meantime, she asks us to recount our story to figure out why we are here.  Jamie gives a background of our travels thus far.

Stewart tries to seduce her…?

She has a dish with images of deities.  She is swirling coins around in the dish.

She goes into a deep trance.. 12 hours pass, the fortress is devoid of food / beer, etc.  The fire has gone out.  Kador and Kero get the fire going again.  Gwen is still in a deep trance.  We attempt to wake her with various distractions (touching the brick, scent of baked goods, Stewart fainted)…

We try adding another coin to the dish.

We think of various things to do (some stupid). We decide to wait until morning.  “Okay, I will wait to do something stupid till morning”- Elleanna

Elleanna attempts to wake Gwen; it doesn’t work.  Argo decides he will flip the coin dish out of her hands.  It does not go well…

Kero throws a coin into the dish, and gets sucked into Gwen’s brain! The rest of the party sees her go into a deep trance.  Gwen welcomes her to her brain, and Kero feels the need to cower, so she cowers…

Other members of the party attempt to throw a coin in to join; Stewart ends up making it, and joins Kero in Gwen’s brain.  No one else is able to join.  There is now a protective glow around the three: Gwen, Kero, and Stewart.  He sees figures that possibly look like deities in the distance. They are the deities that Gwen worships, which are on a separate plane, so we are not familiar with them.

Gwen says she thinks she knows what we need to do, and they break the trance and come back to the rest of the party waiting in the room.  Gwen says that we need to gather materials from the dwarves in the East.  She only specifies that we need to gather the best materials from the dwarves; they have some sort of metallic crystal.  Gwen tells us to go, and then passes out…

We sleep at the fortress for the night.  We wake, but there is still no food, as Gwen is unconscious.

We attempt to move Gwen.  Jamie and Kero do okay.  We end up touching Gwen’s head, and find that her hairpiece is alive! Kador does a nature check, and finds that it is not natural.  Gwen’s hair tries to follow Stewart out…

Kero tries to reason with it, to persuade it to stay with Gwen.  It then suctions to Argo’s head (after he said “you can sit on my head”), and forms into eyebrows.

Elleanna uses “magic device” and finds out how to move the hair.  Now it’s stuck to her hand, and then manages to coax the hair back onto Gwen’s head.

We set off to the dwarves, and after a few days we make it to the dwarves unscathed.  We come up to a large gate.  There are dwarven guards, but the gate is open, and people come and go. 

Kero speaks with the dwarven guard, and finds out that we need to go to the North side of the mountain for the mine and materials we are looking for.

Dwarf guards beard charisma is… sexy.

1st level – market of gemstones etc, possible diamond dust

4th level down we might find Master Raglor (sp?) who is one of the best in his craft

There is lots of jewelry in the market, gemstones, shops for food, and a plethora of beer stores. 

Argo asks if we should ask where the best beer is.  (Crystal/ Elleanna “do you want to start a fight?”)

We attempt to pick out a beer for Gwen- Stewart asks for a sample shot of dark stout, takes a small sample shot from the shop owner, and promptly passes out.  (He learns a valuable lesson—do not fuck with Dwarven Ale, it’s potent stuff).  The remaining awake party members ask the shop owner if he knows Gwen Azure, and her preference for ale? He pulls out a flask/ skin, and suggests it.

It is 36 GP for beer, 4 for delivery.  Elleanna covers the cost, and a runner is sent to deliver to Gwen on the party’s behalf.

We begin to browse for gems, and to possibly find diamond dust.  Stewart begins to ask around.  He finds a female dwarf and she points him in the right direction to the Sparkly Badger (while hitting on Stewart).

He ask about the costs of diamond dust here.



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