The City of Swords

Session 11

Your party has encountered wandering adventurers... What do you do?

"It's dangerous to go alone…TAKE THIS!"

 Steward: "She wants to kill him and i'm trying to talk her down to just big mutilation,"

Elleanna received a note: We are coming for your family. regards, WW

She blurts out that she believes that it's Windwood and that we need to go kill him. Everyone just kinda goes with it before actually asking why she's saying this now. Elleanna shows off the note.

"Where do we start ? The brothel." "Going to look for the cousin that we saw in the Temple of Death in the Brothel? Yes."

"Guys we need to do something so we can introduce these guys. Go to the brothel,"

Steward sets up to start his gig in the brothel: does a good job. Def better than his jail song.  

Kador: There's this mosaic up on the second floor that just calls to me.

It's a mosaic of the Goddess of Love, she's holding a staff with a globe on top of it. The globe looks like it's snowing in the mosaic. Everyone keeps on trying to see the into the snowglobe easier. 

"Can we ask Ethreal to become the divine mallet?"  :  Kador

"Kador, why don't you just shoot a flaming arrow at it"  :  Elleanna

Jamie pulls out the snow globe from the mosaic. Elleanna tries to break it by just dropping and all it does is bounce on the ground. We see some people and a pony. The pony is grey, his name is Sparkles. Kero drops it onto the flagstone and it breaks open to reveal 2 guys and a pony. One average (5'11'') and one short (4'11'') and the pony is 11 hands tall.

Len is the short one and Thom is the average one. They don't seem to remember anything other than their names. We decide to take them back to Kero's home to feed and water them. Kero explains that we were looking for Dickassiness (windwood). recap of some background

Len drinks from the Ethreal mug and feels happy n nauseous.

Pony is male, stallion. Good disposition

Finally gets around to introductions

We go to the temple of Aleria to see if anyone recognizes Thom and Zen. Meet up with the head priest. He doesn't recognize Thom or Zen, but knows Jamie, Kero Bob, Steward, Kador, Giles.

Priest starts questioning why they are here and why is Ethreal in this plane? He is legend. Looks at Jamie's and Steward's scars; asks how they got it.

Elleanna is once again sick according to the priest. The priest went to take Ethreal and once he has it the priest disappears. A note: We will succeed at this. WW

Finds the real priest in his office, dead. Looks through the paperwork and finds stuff on Len. Kero goes down to get someone and let them know about the priest's death. 

The lady to take care of the dead priest recognizes Thom and Len (now Bhertio). Thom is a priest and Len is a Paladin. Bhertio (Tio), apparently has a sister and should go see her. Thom has a wife.

Priestess to Thom: "How's your wife?"
Thom: "I have a wife?"

Asking the priestess about Efrill and the amulet.

The amulet is similar to the staff of the favored: it can change shape.  last she knew it was taken off plane to hell. The amulet of the sacred cure named arwen.



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