The City of Swords

Session 10

(Or There and fun again!

Gabe broke before game even started: all the laughing and snorting.

Elleanna woke up, as did the rest of the party.

Kero started asking her dad on what happened: how did they get him for embezzlement, how did mom get sick, what happened?!?!?!? 

20 minutes later: "Daddy, I know to use protection,"

20 more minutes later: Dad didn't do anything (no shit). A month ago accounts running dry and tried to figure out who was doing it and got too close. Ended up in prison and then in the dungeon. Didn't know about his wife being sick, but was glad that she was better and that Kero was good. We updated him on what was going on as well.

Knew that the sister was married off to the dwarves (Father approved of it). Brother sent off on a trade route, but need to get him back…alive most preferred. Father fears that they would send the brother off on the most dangerous route.

Intermission due to technical issues*

Funds started disappearing about the same time as the change of the council members. Needs to find out who is doing this embezzlement, where the old council members are (if still alive) and clear Kero's and Stew's Fathers name. The three prisoners are going to tag a long incase they notice and recognize anything. 

Father's feelings on Brima: Feels like she gets a bad rap because of her mother. Numbers don't add up they take it out on her, but she was with them (prisoners). But she could be a plant, but she could also be leverage against her mother.

Brima's story: Her and her mother was out one day, went to church of Azden (God of Death). Not so much that they believe in it, but more that it's what is 'required'. She could see herself as being used for leverage specially since she has access to all the books. (Sense Motive – We figure this is Truth: Not believing in Azden and that she's being used for leverage)

Kador: "I will follow cuz I'm a Scout"

Continued on through the dungeon. As we neared the archway we hear heavy footsteps.

Kador: "Can I shoot a flaming arrow? Well, it's either that or I sense motive on the footsteps"

Kador shoots an arrow and you can hear the footsteps walk quickly away from the arrow. Kador sneaks into the room and spots 2 creatures in the far part of the room. Humanoid with scaly skins…resemble lizards. (Massive yellow fangs and a big mouth) They may be Troglodites.

FYI: They can spew a cone of rocks from their mouths. 

Kero walked in and greeted them…took 10 dmg.

Intermission due to paper misplacement

We fight the lizard peeps. Brima steals a dagger from Giles and throws it and does decent dmg against one of the lizards. Elleanna set one of the lizard's pants on fire, he took them off got hit by a dagger and died. Elleanna set the other pants on fire as well, and took a dagger through the head and died.

The monstrous faces are Fenris Kul: Deity of madmen, fanatics and terrorists. Battleaxe is his weapon and symbol is 2 flaming knives. Evil Deity. The symbol at the end we think is connected to Fenris.

Headed onwards through the hall (after a mass looking to see if there was a hidden passage). 

Walked the hallway and came upon stairs that lead up and found a nice looking door. Giles looked at the door and didn't detact traps (nat 20), listen through the door and hears voices – a couple of people and just mumbles - no actual words (19), he looks through the keyhole (18) but couldn't really see anything due to something blocking it. He unlocks the door.  (This is why we let Giles open doors)

We went back towards Kero's house with everyone cuz the three wanna get out of the dungeon. Giles get shot at from the trap. It led us to a new tunnel, we decided to try and reset the tunnel. Kero is thinking: "I wanna go home. I wanna be safe. I wanna go home. I wanna be safe" Her eyes flicker blue during this thought process.

We head back down the tunnel but it stayed the new tunnel (not the one heading to Kero's house). Wind up in a basement of a store. There's goods, cleaning supplies, very nice looking/fancy and cleaner.

It's an apothecary we wound up in. We blend into the milling crowd to not make it obvious we just came from the basement. Kero went to look at the cooking spices, healing herbs. We are in the Arcane Square of the Town. Building of nice posh marble, nice wooden door, kinda the shabbier store in the area but still very nice. Name of store: The Griffin's Apothecary

Brima leaves and when we went to follow her out of the shop we couldn't see her. We are down 15gp (most likely cuz of Brima). We decide to go observe Brima's home to see what goes on. Kero disguise her dad and looks like a leper (go Giles). Giles also disguises Steward's dad and the two head out back to Kero's home.

Gave Kero's dad 2,390 copper pieces to help pay the staff's wages.

Head off to Brima's estate: it is burnt down. At least a fortnight ago the burning happened. 

Dave starts talking in falsetto: breaks Gabe (once again)

Kero pouts and decides to be sulky for a moment: Done and Done.

It was late evening and decided to head back to Kero's house. Kero's Dad and Mom, Steward's Dad and brother are all gone. Kero's dad packed them all up and escorted them out cuz they feared for their lives (go figure). Used the rest of our Lizard findings to pay up the Head Butler his wages and to go and help cover the other up-keeping of the house till we clear the father's name. 

Kero's father left her a note: The four of 'em left to head back to Elleanna's home to seek sanctuary. 

Gabe: "I like licking things too"

Kero sends off a note to forewarn the King. We called it a night and we stopped the session. Board games or movie to happen.



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