The City of Swords

Session 22
Burn Baby Burn! Disco Inferno!

Stuart discovers a chest in Elleanna's room. Elleanna searches chest, sees 10,000 platinum pieces inside. She reaches in for a coin and pulls out a staff. There is no money inside. 

Kedor and Argo pull out an item from the chest. Argo pulls out 11 giant maggots. Argo flails arm. 11 Maggots the size of humans. She continues flailing her arm. 27 Cobalts come out. They're shorter than us, but being outnumbered…well…we shall see what happens.

Argo and Kedor back away screaming. Both are high in pitch, it's unknown who's scream is who's. 

6 Cobalts start to approach at Giles. They have spears. The other 21 Cobalts have slingshots.

Giles attacks first. He stands confused by the amount of attackers who've magically appeared from this tiny chest.  Snapping back, he grabs his dagger and attacks the Cobalts doing little damage. 

Jaime 1 attacker. The Cobalt runs into his fist. Does full blown attack for 14 damage. It dies. Kills itself by running into Jaime's fist. A successful suicide run…?

Kero 3 attackers. Stuart 1. Behrito 1.

There are 5 attackers remaining. They miss their attacks.

Tammy attacks giant maggots for 9 damage. They live!

Jaime punches a nearby Cobalt.  Kills one with 10 damage. 

Kedor attacks nearby maggots with 2 daggers. He hits and kills one for 5 damage. Hits another for 6 damage – it lives.

Argo attacks maggots. Misses and somehow hurts herself. She falls on a maggot, both take 2 damage. A plus for wearing heave armor.

Kero attacks a Cobalt, deals 5 damage.

Stuart attacks Colbalt that's on him. Hits for 3 damage. It lives. 

Elleanna hit by maggot for 3 damage. The rest miss their attacks, even the one Argo is lying on. I think we have a chance. 

The chest is glowing. Tammy and Behrito are staring out the window into space…or at their feet…as they're the only ones in the group who somehow don't notice this bright glow. 

Jaime dashes across the room to the glowing box. He fails to close it with a strength of 18. it doesn't even budge. We are in trouble…

While trying to close it, Jaime saw the number 11 on the lid of the chest. "Hey guys the box says 11! And it won't close!" He slips but doesn't fall inside.

Stuart drops his dagger.

The maggots are slow, Matrix style, and miss us; except, Tammy who was too slow and took 3 damage.

New enemies emerge from the glowing chest. A clan of Bug Bears emerge with their chief and all. 15 total.

"What's a Bug Bear?" asked most of the room.

As Kero explained, "Imagine if an owl did…you-know-what…with a bear." A very good description.

Death. A lot of it is in our future. Unless we…GTFO!

The question, "What's in the box?" The way the night began, a question we no longer want answered…ever!

Elleanna pulls out a card. It looks like things – keys - are falling off the side of a mountain. We are transported with the box, which closes. We're on the top of a mountain, perched. It's freezing. No structures can be seen. We're above the cloud line. Enemies are gone. We're safe. For now.

Snow is fragile. Can cause an avalanche at any moment. Walking down may cause it to…Stuart falls, avalanche can be heard from below. Hopefully it didn't bury anyone, or an entire town.

Argo chants, "I'm as light as a feather," and falls. He rolls down the hill. Kedor falls with him. Tammy and Jaime dodge the giant armor snowball, that adds another body – Kero. Elleanna also dodges. 

Behrito also rolls down the hill. A smaller snowball slides past Stuart, which picks up Tammy on the way down. Jaime dodges the snowball. Elleanna is the next picked up by the new falling snowball. Giles dodges.

Kero, Kedor, Argo – the first snowball: Argo's armor starts heating.

Tammy, Elleanna, Behrito – the second snowball: Tammy uses Sickle. 

Hits Behrito for 5 damage. Snowball is bleeding like a cherry Icee.

The first snowball dangles over a cliff.

Behrito stabilizes so won't bleed out. Blood lost helped melt some of the snowball. Behrito feels colder on the inside and out.

Elleanna summons a pony outside of snowball in spot she thinks it needs to be summoned. Tammy also summons a pony. Her God tells her where to summon pony. Both were wrong.

Snowballs go in between the ponies like a field goal. No points scored here.

Elleanna casts magic missiles and destroys the snowballs. Argo and Kedor and Kero are hanging off the ledge. Kedor climbs up on her own.

Jaime secures 50 foot rope. Ties it to Behrito. Kedor, Stuart, Jaime, Tammy, and Elleanna help pull the rope. Argo ties rope around himself. Knot looks good, but isn't confident with tie. Somebody else ties the rope correctly and sends it back down. Argo attempts to slide rope around himself…

Giles climbs down to tie the rope around Argo. Argo whispers, "I love you" to him. Giles becomes a little creeped out. Giles climbs back up to the ledge and with one quick maneuver, he's able to pull up Argo by himself.

We tie everyone with the rope Everest style so if one falls, the rest stop them.

Threw rock off side. Heard it hit something, a soft hit, but heard by a few. Hit 15 seconds after throwing. 

Kedor notices a tiny hole in ground. "i think a bridge used to be here." 

Elleanna notices invisible bridge. Jaime and everybody throws snow on it. See the invisible bridge. Grab the rope and follow it. Bridge is 200 feet long.

Everyone is tied together so if one falls the rest catch them.

Argo shrunk. 3 feet tall and about 25 pounds. He is at the back of the line.

Kero is the first one out. The bridge sways a lot. "We need to go one at a time because it's a rope bridge." It is very unstable. We untie ourselves. Kero goes first. Shuffles across the rope bridge. Makes it across, but may need new pants.

Jaime carries Argo across in his clothes – swaddles him. They make it. He also needs new pants.

Stuart gets about a third of the way across from the edge. Gets scared and stops. Takes a knee. Shivers with fear and cold. He sings, inspires himself to stand and continue across. He makes it across.

Kedor also stops a third of the way. Stuart sings to inspire Kedor. He makes it 5 more feet and stops. 

Tammy stops five feet behind Kedor. Tammy casts spell to inspire. Tammy walks around Kedor and continues to the end.

Behrito makes it across, inspires Kedor to follow him, touches his shoulder for support. They both make it across.

Giles gets a third of the way across before stopping. Encouraged him to cross the rest of the way across.

A cave on this side. Nothing living inside it. Goes 50 feet back.

Tammy sees a notch in wall. Jimmies it. A secret door opens. Another room like we're already in. A cavern. A ring on pedestal. Jaime inspects the ring. Multiple diamonds and gems on ring along with older style symbols. Think related to Aleria.

Jaime asks, "Hey Eferal, have you seen these markings before?"

"I haven't, actually," says Eferal.

We sleep. The night passes uneventfully.

During third watch, Jaime notices Kero get up and approach the ring. Jaime, sense motive. She's being sneaky.

Kero, "I just want to look at the ring."

Jaime, "I don't believe you." He wakes up the fighters.

Ring in casing so can't touch or pick it up.

Kedor offers to stand on one side of Kero while Jaime stands on the other.

Kero to Kedor, "You're trying to get on my **** list, aren't you?"

Kedor, "Of course…" (Sticker)

Kero trips over her own feet and doesn't make it to the box. Lies there. In the morning, Kero touches the box. It's glass. It slides. It's a lid. Kero lifts the lid and looks at the ring.

Elleanna tries to touch it, but can't. It won't let her.

Kero can touch it and does. The ring materializes and appears on his hand. Kero pulls the ring off, it reappears on his finger. The inscriptions on the ring aren't magical.

Language is from Aleria's first followers. The end of a prayer. Language is old, archaic.

Elleanna can read language. The ring itself is magical, not the text.

Elleanna realigned the glass on top of the box. A portal appears. Can see through it; it looks like home. We all go through the portal. We're in a bedroom full of dead bodies. We celebrate mentally. We're home. Then we assess the situation. It looks like someone started cleaning up the room. 

Kero tips each of the cleaners a gold piece. Bodies are the dead monsters. Dead Bug Bears, Giant Maggots, and Kobolds. 

Suit of keys.

We go to the temple of Aleria to learn more about the ring and the writing on it. There must be books or someone who knows this old language.

Tammy, Argo and Elleanna go to the library to learn about Vampires.

We're led to the older section of the library. Woman taught Behrito language how to open doors to the older section of the library. Old prayer spoken to open doors. 

Takes 6 to 8 hours to find something. Jaime finds a small scroll in the bottom corner. Can decipher parts of it. Only Jaime can read it. 

Stuart can read to scroll. Remembers other legends. 

The scroll highlights different deities rings that were made in the past. Magic items that didn't show themselves unless in a time of crisis. People on certain quests for different deities. Stuart remembers bard knowledge of stories of limited powers. Don't know the powers until it triggers. Remember stories of those who stopped catastrophes. Do unbelievable things. Those, the heroes, who've helped deities have turned into avatars. It is a rare occurrence for this to happen.

Giles takes ring from Kero, wears it. It's assumed that those who are neutral can touch and wear the ring. Giles gives Tammy the ring, then Tammy gives Kedor the ring. Only those who are Neutral can take the ring. Kero holds the ring.

Stuart goes on a date with Susie, a beautiful, model-like, blacksmith. Kedor and Argo follow him to make sure she's not a vampire. Stuart smooches her, she invites him in for a drink (and only for a drink). Stuart goes inside. Kedor very stealthy when following. Stuart has drink and when he leaves Kedor is waiting for him.

Stuart messages King Bob to show his love and loyalty is for him and only him. Bob answers, "What about the other girl from the last session?"

 In the middle of the night hear footsteps in the wall. Jaime wakes up Giles and lets him know about noises in the walls. Giles has experience with inside the walls. Giles opens secret panel in wall and pushes Jaime inside, shuts panel behind him. Kedor follows the noise in the walls. Kedor visits Stuarts room, wakes up Argo, Stuart isn't there.  

Argo and Kedor wakes everybody up. Elleanna knows about secret doorway.

Passageway turns and heads towards the gardens. Noise stops in the garden. Jaime sees Stuart holding hands with someone in the garden, a female. Female is Nos, the bard. Her finger was found, removed after the body was dead. Nos is the vampire?

After duet sung by Stuart and Nos, she goes 'down' for his neck. She begins to drain Stuart's blood. Stuart is in a trance. Jaime and Giles exit passageway into the garden. Jaime grabs a frog instead of the rock and throws it at the vampire. Giles disappears from Jaime's view. 

Jaime throws the frog, screaming, "Hey Nos I thought you were dead!" He hits her with frog, but it falls with a splat. She continues sucking Stuart's neck.

Tammy casts spell 'Protection from Evil'. It hits, she repels from him, but Stuart is not broken from his trance. 

Vampire stabs Elleanna with a dagger. Stuart attacks Jaime for 3 damage. Kedor attacks Vampire, does 7 damage. She's confused. Behrito casts Smite Evil and attacks with silver dagger, does 8 damage. Giles attacks from behind with a wooden stake. He lodges the stake into the vampire. She looks alarmed. Elleanna does 4 damage with Heavenly fire. Argo attacks with the Trident, misses. Kero casts Hold Person. Failed cast. Stuart frees himself from Vampire's trance spell. Tammy attacks with shield. Misses hitting the stake. Jaime punches Vampire for 10 magic damage. She retreats, climbs up the wall. Jaime, Elleanna and Tammy are within range of attack. Jaime does 7 magic damage. Elleanna missed punching stake. Tammy misses attack. Vampire gets to top of wall and turns into a gas. 

No chance of conversion.

Tammy gives Kedor the group magic sword.

End of Session +750xp

Session 21
Don’t tell the elf!!

There's a body in the courtyard. It is a fairly well-known Bard that has been mauled, but unable to tell by what. There is a note that was in her hand that Elleanna found on her assessment aka looting of the body. It is torn, but by the half that is still legible it seems to be a note of invite to the ball? We check to make sure Wynwood and uncle are still in their separate prison rooms, and they are. We decide to rest, and wait to investigate further in the morning. There is a package at the door for Jamie. It is an amulet (of protection from disease). We have a descriptively and literally (thanks to Kero) divine breakfast. We head of the check out the body. It is determined that the blood has been drained from the body. Argo let's out a resounding whisper:"vampiiireee". After a bit of evaluation by Kador and Elleanna, we find out it was indeed an attack by vampire(s?). The attacks have been only on Bards. We go back to where the body was found to try to find tracks or any sort of obvious disturbance, but there are a lot of tracks, and no obvious leads. Elleanna talks with her dad to discuss the killings. There was no real discussion of vampire(s?). Jamie talks with Efril, but doesn't glean any info. Behrito is trying to tell what kind of vampire we may be dealing with. And onward… Lunch is also divine (thanks, Kero). Giles puts himself out as a distraction. Btw, he can dance. He's also shiny.  We decide to take a survey around town about popular bards. We get : Ameline, Kirsten x 3, Jaque x 3, Conrad, and Knos. We find out that Jaque is playing at the castle, as is Kirsten. We decide to go to the show, and prepare for vampires.

We listen to an amateur group of bards as openers, and then the four headliners do their sets. Ameline sings a unicorn song and does well. Jaque does a standup routine, but it's pretty heavily anti-dwarf, and as there are a lot of dwarven audience members it doesn't go over well. Kirsten plays the harpsicord well, and Knas sings as an outstanding closing performance. The show breaks for a bit, and there are desserts. We mingle, and Stewart asks Knas to duet a bit with him. She does, and they do well. We check out the audience as they perform to see if there is any undue attention. 

A creepy guy invites Stewart out for a drink. He chats him up a bit. It is extraordinarily awkward. Stewart checks to make sure the rest of the party sees that he is talking with this guy, and then agrees to go for a drink. They order, and the guy drinks. Stewart is handed a drink, and takes a sip. His vision begins to blur, and he is unsteady. The guy "helps" him to his feet, and takes him upstairs. The party follows. Argo yells "FIRE!". People in a few of the rooms emerge. Tammy tries to break a door down. She is successful. They're not in there, but there is a couple in some fun positions… Argo also knocks down a door, but they're not in there. Behrito goes for another door, and is successful in taking it down.. they're not in there. Jamie goes for another door. Kero helps. Stewart is in there! He is partially undressed. Argo yells "He has a girlfriend" to intimidate the guy, but he is unfazed. Behrito runs at the guy and knocks him unconscious. We take Stewart back to sleep it off. 

The next morning, we find out Ameline went missing. The guard dropped her off and returned, but she is not to be found. We go to her house to investigate. Argo finds a piece of a note. It is actually the other portion of the same note that was found in the first Bard's hand. The door was locked. There is an unlocked window. Everything else looks in order. There is a basement here. Tammy goes down the stairs, and feels a draft coming from behinds some barrels. She points it out. Argo moves the barrels. There is a definite passageway. Notably, it does not appear to be the same type of passageway as found in Kero's hometown. We determine our marching order and head in. As we progress, we start to realize we're in a sort of sewer. We come upon a hatch. Kador tries to push it up, but is unable. There is sunlight, and there are definitely people beyond. Jamie then comes to try to push the hatch up. After several tries between Kador, Jamie, and Giles, Jamie is able to push the hatch open. We emerge from the sewer grate, and come up to some strange looks. We're in the middle of a market. We wander about. Giles swipes a dagger (of course). We decide to split the party, half goes back below into the sewer, and the other half stays above ground in the market place. It is a beautiful day to be above ground. Not so much below. Once we see there is nothing remarkable about this sewer, and no magic, we all emerge to meet up with the rest of the party above ground. We travel along for a bit, and some party members notice a trail of blood on the ground. We follow the blood trail. Giles wanders off a bit, with Kero close behind, and he stumbles upon the scene of a possible struggle. There is a body, and the group investigates. The bard is dead, in her pajamas. We submit a report.

The next day, three more bards are set to perform. Johanna, Knas, and Kirsten. Joanna does okay, Kirsten does well, and Knas does awesome again. They finish their performances, and as the night starts to break up, Stewart approaches the three bards. He proposes a plan of having two of them stay at the castle under careful watch, and if one goes home we follow them to see if anyone tries to harm them. Johanna and Kirsten are not swayed by the proposal. Knas agrees to stay at the castle under guard.

We split the party and follow the other two bards home, and try not to be obvious, because they didn't really want us there… The night is uneventful. Both bards are alive in the morning. We return to the castle. Knas is in bed with the guard, and alive. We kind of barge in. Argo tries to find a hand mirror to make sure we're not in the presence of vampires, and to use in the future. Stewart has a bit of a fit of jealousy. We decide to sleep, since we've all been up for quite a while. 

The next night, there are three bards playing: Johanna, Kirsten, and Conrad. Knas was set to play, but does not show. We go back to her room in the castle to see if she is there, but there is no sign of her. There is a bit of blood splatter… The original guard is sleeping, and the guard that replaced him showed up and she was already missing. As she disappeared during the day, we decide to look "where the sun don't shine" within the castle. We don't find much when we search the crypts and dungeon. We eventually come across shreds of Knas's clothing. We're running out of bards… We don't find a body, but after further searching, the guards find a finger. Stewart identifies it as Knas (because he has creepily watched her hands thoroughly?). 

The next night, there is another performance. Johanna does well, Kirsten doesn't do too well, and Jaque does average. The night ends, and we watch as the bards disperse. We go to sleep. We wake up for breakfast. The guards inform us that the bards from the previous night's performance are all still alive. The breakfast is divine. 

We decide to go to Knas's house before tonight's performance at the castle. Everything is locked. Nothing seems to be disturbed. We head back to the castle for a big night of bard performances. There are 6 set to perform. After they finish, Stewart proposes that they all stay at the castle with protection of the castle guards. Kero wins them over with her diplomatic wiles, and they agree to her request/ terms. We go to bed for the night. 

The next morning, Stewart does not make it to breakfast. He is not in his room. Jamie tries to communicate with him telepathically. No response. All of the bards are dead, as are the guards. Stewart is among the bodies, and bloodied, but alive. There are 24 dead, among the bards and guards. 

We ask around, and find that someone resembling Stewart was in fact out and around on grounds the night before. He said he was going to visit his friends. We have Stewart shower and try to pull himself together. In the meantime, Ellean(na) attempts to detect magic and finds magical "residue" on him. Stewart has been impacted by a spell, Dominate Person. The magic is dispelled. 

Session 20
there's no use crying over every mistake, you just keep on trying until you run out of cake

The party is in the town tavern, and suddenly see Wynewood beckoning the group over. We're not sure how he knew we would be here, or how he got here. He hands Ellean(na) a scroll that has a message from the kingdom, indicating that his/ her father has been assassinated by a known associate of Prince(ss) Ellean(na), and that we were all to be brought in for a hearing. There is a brief secret message within the scroll "please be careful", but we do not know who actually wrote the message, though signed by Lady Makenna Garrick, the Ervavar Council Chancellor. We are transported back to the kingdom by Wyenwood, by holding onto his arm. We find ourselves right in the midst of the council. Giles is shackled and bloodied in front of us as the accused. We are taken down to the servant's quarters and detained, two per room. The guards allow two of our party members to speak with Giles, but only briefly. Ellean and Stewart go to speak with him to figure out the details of what happened to the King. (Stewart and Jamie confirm they have their telepathic connection back). Giles mentions that he had an idea that something bad was going to happen in the kingdom, and had come back to keep an eye on the king. He was hiding behind a wall in the King's chambers to guard the king while he slept, and on one of his night watches, he saw Wynewood come in and use magic to kill the king, and he was unable to stop it. Wynewood, realizing that Giles was there, decides to frame him for the King's murder. Back in the cell, Bob finds a note in the wall, which basically states that there are still loyal subjects of the King, and that if he needs anything to ask discretely. It is signed "LT", but we do not distinctly remember an LT as a name among the council members.

The party passes the note around and Jamie communicates the message telepathically to Stewart. When Stewart and Ellean walk back from meeting with Giles, Stewart asks the guard if it would be possible for Ellean to see the King to pay her respects. The guard took it offensively and abruptly advises Stewart that he should be careful what he says and that people have been killed as punishment for less. Stewart apologizes and Ellean and Stewart proceed to return back to the cells with the rest of the party.

The next day everyone meets up at the council chambers. It is suggested to visit the king in order to see the wounds. When everyone goes to the catacombs to investigate the king, it's revealed that the king is missing. Tammy tries to stealthily brush up against Giles in order to try and drop some hairpins when she goes to flair her hair. Of course, she ends up tripping over him and fails.

Back at the council chamber, the trials continues with questions to prove Giles' innocence. Kedor mentions that Wyn Wood had actually attempted to kill the party with his dragon horse. With this new information, the chancellor advises that Wyn Wood's character is being challenged and the trial will need to postpone. Corvin tries to intervene, but is immediately denied by Lionel. The trial will need to be delayed.

Miles and Giles express their disgust for each other. Giles lets the party know about Miles' recklessness and how it led Miles murdering their family.

The next morning, the party meets in the king's chambers. The party sees Ellean's father is alive and well! It seems that he was able to be successfully resurrected. Ellean and the king talk about the situation at hand. The king asks the party for some input on what the appropriate action should be against Wyn Wood and Corvin. Ellean lets the king know that we have Eferil intact and that we have a lot of credit from Eferil due to saving the kingdom. Since the party has new information regarding the sickness and possible details otherwise unknown, the king suggests that we should share this knowledge with the clerics of the kingdom to help. Tammy and Kedor tags along with Jamie to help the cure the people of the kingdom from their sickness. Burrito and Argo go to the library to research further details about the sickness. Unfortunately, the party was unable to find any additional information regarding the amulet and the sickness.

After the party reconvenes, we notice that Jamie and Stewart start glowing blue vividly and the glow is warm to the touch.

Mental note to the party: see if we can possibly utilize a location spell to help find the amulet. We'll speak with the mages to gather more information regarding the amulet.

Chancellors who attended the trial:

Martha Benson

Wert Kent

Lionel Tatersul

Alden Brent

Lacie Alston

Dustin Shelby

Makenna Garrick

Session 19
it creeps and crawls.. and glides and slides across the floor.. right through the d....

The whole party is back, and congratulations are in order. Elleanna, Kero, and Giles have wed. Argo comes back to find this news, and wishes them well (surprisingly?). We start to discuss where the party wants to go.  There are a few options: Gem route/ dragons, which is 19-22 days one way, metal route/ dwarven city, or spice route which pays shite. We decide on the gem route, and begin our journey. Upon camping out the 3rd night, Jamie and Stewart hear a rustling noise. The party wakes up a little at a time. Initiative! There are 5 spiders! We struggle a little bit with the surprise, as most of us were sleeping, so without armor, but eventually take two out. Then three. Five dead spiders! Elleanna loots the bodies. 50 GP!  Fourth day passes uneventfully. Night watch, first shift hears a noise… flying insects? Wasps! They go for Tammy. We try a variety of attacks, and Giles ends up finishing them off with a cone of fire (he can do that now?). Day goes okay. Onto night five!  First watch hears a familiar-ish noise. Swarm of bats! Giles immediately crit fires them.  A couple more hits, and Kador finishes them off with fire. The next couple nights pass surprisingly uneventfully. On the 8th day we come upon a structure and see a controlled fire. People? The ranger scouts ahead! There are two people in robes atop an altar. There is a fire off to the side, and two green pods that they are worshipping. One of the two robed figures notices Kador. "Halt, who goes there?" "It is I, a lone scout that has been hunting the dragon that has been plaguing this land".  The robed figures magic missile Kador! The pods release. These are Mages, and the pods are mind slaver molds, our Bard determines. Behrito senses that they're super evil. We forget trying to be diplomatic. Giles casts Obscuring Mist, and the party makes a break for it. We manage to elude them, and it seems as though no one has followed us. We make camp for the 8th night. First watch hears rustling. Stewart: "Guys I think I hear more XP". Initiative. it's a pack of UNUSUALLY LARGE WOLVES (ULWs). They're evil. They focus on Argo. Giles has another episode. His eyes roll back and starts swearing in Celestial again. He's foaming. The wolves miss Argo, and Kador attacks. Giles did something to provide +1 to attack (morale) and saving throws against fear. Stewart begins to sing- +1 to damage, +1 more to hit. Wolf goes to attack Giles, the Spark that Elleanna started combines with his other wounds, combusts the wolf, and he dies. Jamie punches a wolf to death. Two wolves down. The wolves continue to attack. They're brutes. Argo kills a third wolf. Jamie kills a fourth wolf. Five wolves remain. Giles takes down another wolf, by fire. Kador kills another wolf by short sword. Jamie punches another wolf to death. Elleanna kills a wolf. Bob finally gets a kill, and the wolves are gone. 162 GP & 87 SP & 175 CP. There are a ton of gems, and a scroll of shocking grasp, scroll of water breathing, wands of magic missile x2- Elleanna with 31 charges, Bob's has 25 charges. We move on. Day 9 is surprisingly uneventful. Day 10 is also surprisingly uneventful. 10th night, third watch, something's coming… Is it XP? We'll find out. There are four rustlings. Zombies! We get the jump on them a little bit, since they're lumbering towards us. Jamie takes one out right off the bat. Tammy blesses the group. One zombie slams Elleanna. Giles starts one on fire. Elleanna kills another via magic missile. Behrito nearly decapitates one. Bob magic missiles one to death. Jamie finishes off the last. Loot the bodies: 26 Platinum, 272 GP, 220GP, 1200 CP. Tons of gems. Onto Day 11… As we're walking, we come upon another structure and fire, close to the road. There are people in robes, and more pea pods. We detect that they're evil, but as they're not doing anything obviously wrong at this time, we cannot kill them (lawful goods, ugh). Kador goes in to chat the up, and asks if there are any dragons in the area. Surprisingly, one responds positively that a dragon went that-a-way ABOUT 58 minutes ago. Kador also sees a burning hand sticking out of the fire atop the altar. He inquires about the hand and pod people. They magic missile him. He's downed. We roll initiative, but Stewart takes an opportunity to talk the evil mages down. They surprisingly find that we're not a threat, and let us on our way, as long as we go on about our business and stay out of theirs. We flip a jade their way for the trouble, and move along. Elleanna notices that the hand in the fire bears Kero's family crest.  Dun, dun, dun. Considering it could be Kero's brother, we decide to turn around and recover the hand from the fire, to possibly revive him at some point. The tanky non-stealthy people decide to just make their positions known. Argo up front, and Giles behind to heal. The rest of us plan to ambush as Argo and Giles distract. Argo's armor takes on a life of its own and propels him forward at a great pace. it looks like he is going to run into one of the mages, but runs right by into the fire, and trips. As they're distracted and pursuing Argo, Elleanna magic missiles one using the wand. One is killed. The other tries to magic missile, but we all converge with multiple attacks, and it is not long before it is felled. We loot (at least get our jade back).  Loot: two scrolls of summon swarm, wand of bless, wand of reduce person – 49 charges, 21 Platinum, 230 GP. We take the hand, and Elleanna places a couple fingers in a vile and takes the bracer with the family crest on it as well. 

P.s. Giles is Miles

Session 18
A song of fire... nah!

We finish up talking with Behrita, and discuss what we're going to do.  We decide to gather our gear, and Elleanna will pick another card from the deck. He pulls one, and finds that there is no visible picture because it is engulfed in flames. We find ourselves going through a portal, feeling quite warm, and then pleasant. We find ourselves outside of a bar called the Lively Dagger. It is literally just the bar. There is no town. One side is a bar and the other is all bom-chicka-wow-wow. We stand there briefly, and are greeted by someone with bright red hair. And DM is on the move. SWAP?? Moving along… the red-head is stunning, 5 1/2 ft tall, brown eyes. She's wearing a variation of priestly robes (with cleavage). She walks over from the "education" side of the room. A variety of people are learning to read romance novels. There is a bartender and serving wench. On the brothel side of the bar is shirtless gentleman with low-riding britches and a cat-like walk. He looks like Giles! He walks over to the owner. Her name is SunBlade.  Not-Giles (aka Honeybun) goes to get her a drink. Kador walks over to chat him up "hey Honeybun". Not-Giles does not sock Kador so as not to ruin his manicure. Kador inquires about whether or not the name Giles sounds familiar to Not-Giles/ Honeybun.  It does. Not-Giles is Miles! On the scholarly side of the room, there are three people in clerics robes. They have tattoos of leaping flames. One introduces herself as Shannon Cummings. She asks if we're interested in the books, languages, and all things bartending, and provides us each with a book relevant to our interests. Around the bar are fighters/ fighter types and it is getting rowdy. There are a couple people engaged in a heated argument. Jamie steps over to interject, and offers a try of his Orc-ish drink. The student/ fighter is a bit inebriated and not responsive to Jamie's offer. He swings twice at Jamie, but stumbles. His buddy tries to hit Jamie as well. Jamie swings back.  Guy is KO'd. Suddenly, Sunblade steps in and starts everyone's left shoe on fire to regain order. She announces that fighting will no longer be allowed, but that there are bound to be three marriages tonight. Our party must decide amongst ourselves who will wed. We could not choose amongst ourselves quickly enough, and Sunblade shoos us out of the bar. Kero asks if there is anything we can do to get back in her favor. She tells us she'd like us to find her camel Sir-Humps-A-Lot.  We try to track prints. Kador finds pony tracks, and Tammy finds camel tracks leading the other way. We do end up coming across two camels. They're "cuddling". We cannot figure out which is Sir-Humps-A-Lot, so we consider just taking both. Kador thinks there may be something funny about this camel. We come to find out it is a camel dragon, and not just a camel dragon, a TELEPATHIC camel dragon. Kero communicates with it to see what it would take to bring it back to Sunblade. We negotiate a deal, and the camel dragon actually transforms into a human. He mentions that terms of his return also includes a name change, as he does not prefer Sir-Humps-A-Lot; his name is Porter. We begin the road back to the bar, and decide who in our party will marry when we return. We make it back and Kero and Sunblade enter into negotiations. The terms are that Kero and Ellean will be wed, and will include Miles in their arrangement. Miles must then come with the party as part of the agreement. Kero retrieves Porter from outside (where he waited for negotiations to be finished). He chats with Sunblade briefly, and then saunters back to the brothel area. 

And on to the wedding ceremony. Prince Elleanna, Kero, and Miles stand together at the altar (?) to be wed. Kero is in the middle. They each find that vines of flame are now essentially tattooed on their arms as a symbol of their bond (Kero has two, since she was in the middle). 

Sunblade bestows a wedding gift. She hands Jamie a fork. It's a special fork, since it's also a ladle. Spork? No! it's Efril! 

Elleanna, Kero, and Miles go off to consummate the marriage (possibly?) Jamie and Efril discuss what has happened since taken by Wynwood. 

We chat a bit with Sunblade about everything that has happened and the repercussions. After full questioning of how she came across Efril, the meaning of the flaming vines, if there is a way back to this place, etc. Sunblade pulls the flame card and we find ourselves sent back. 

We pay 12 copper altogether for rooms for the night once we're back. The night passes uneventfully (or as eventfully as we choose). Kero goes out to get items to outfit Miles- 10GP from group funds. 

We decide to check out the trade routes, so we go back to the guild to ask for location. We meet Amelia at the desk and inquire about the previous trade route jobs. We find out that the spice trade may be willing to hire protection, and we're told to meet with Marie. We're going to Spice Row.  She's not agreeable to paying beyond 5SP TOTAL for protection along her trade route. We decline, but still decide to check out the trade route to see if we find Kero's brother. We decide to check out the town and see if it provides any more information before we head out to the trade routes. Tammy heads to the closest temple to her god, and offers up a silver. 

Kero prays to her goddess, and Miles suddenly becomes agitated and begins swearing in Celestial. Upon this weirdness, Kero prays silently now. The party takes care of all they need to do before we head out.

Session 17

It's dawn.  Elleanna and Kador set out to scout the area where the one villager reappears to run and warn the village. Behrito and Kero gather the remaining villagers and ask them to begin building barriers with the remaining materials from the tent village. Kador, Tammy, and Bob continue to dig trenches. The villager appears.  The horses come through, one punctures a foot (aka wheel… definitely not a tire) when it hits the barricade (whoosh, psshhh, deflate). We save 12 (Sam + 11).  We try to assess how many horse vehicles there are. Behrito and Bob figure about 6. We begin prepping for the next round. Kero considers taking up bomb-making, but as an herbalist ends up making a drug ball. We dig more, and Giles offers up some caltrops to drop in the spots where we know three of the horses appear. Kero ends up making 2 smoke bombs and 4 more drug balls. Elleanna prepares to summon a monster (she can do that now!). She decides on dire rats, and to tries to summon them within the mechanical horses. Kador is going to enter the field for this battle and fire arrows. Tammy is summoning ponies. Bob prepares to magic missile any of the mechanical horses that make it through the ditches and barriers. Bob is throwing objects, since he can throw anything. We end up saving 9 people this round.  On to the next next round.

More ponies are summoned. Bob creates dancing lights. Jamie prepares to throw items to draw the attention of the attackers towards the dancing lights. Kador is hit while out in the field, and begins to bleed out. Jamie goes to grab him and drag him back. We all imbue Jamie with things to help: sanctuary, pony guards, and resistance from harm. Jamie makes it to Kador. The ponies do not. Jamie makes it back with Kador, and Behrito provides healing through laying hands. None of the villagers make it through this night. 

We reassess. Kero can create water. As the landscape does not change day to day, we are going to dig out trench areas, eventually adding water to create mud. This will take some time. This day plays out, and 6 villagers make it through.

Next round- Elleanna continues to survey the area, and figures out where all of the mechanical horses are coming from. We plan to create mud trenches is these areas. The fight plays out again. There is only one survivor. 

We continue to dig and strategically place the mud. The next round plays out.  16 villagers survive this time. 

We create bolos for the villagers to throw and essentially wrangle the attackers and trap them in the mud. Jamie and Giles demo how to throw, and we try to explain the process to them. Behrito is eventually able to get the idea across to the villagers.  7 villagers make it through. 

We dig more. The attack comes as usual. All 35 villagers make it through! She Who Breathes Fire does use her ultimate attack, and the dragon tattoo does still appear on her face. She is sits back on her throne. She is not sad. The village itself is muddy and lacking resources, but everyone is alive. 

Our group approaches to speak with her. She is speaking common now. She asks what we are doing here. We do not know. We relate the story of Kero touching the demon mask face on a wall in the Dwarven village. She does not know what a dwarf is. She does not understand magic. She says that the things we have seen in this village are all created by technology (what's that? technology = magic?). She does not understand that she was speaking Celestial when we first met her. She does not know what the trigger was that began the day looping.  Elleanna notices in her tarot deck that there is a card resembling She Who Breathes Fire- The Survivor. Elleanna hands it to her, and asks if it is her. She says "no, it looks like you all". We realize the card appears as something else to her.  We suddenly realize we are hungry. We eat and sleep. As we wake up the next morning, everything is there. The landscape is kind of a hazy pink. It does not change from this. It seems the sun has stopped mid rise. She Who Breathes Fire notices, but does not know why.

We inquire about her tattoo. We realize that in her attack, she appeared as a dragon, which is the reason the villagers chose to give her the dragon tattoo. 

We decide to venture on to the tattoo tent. Tattoos are earned, so each tattoo that we see in the village is representative of something the person has done or accomplished. 

We return back to She Who Breathes Fire, and Jamie notices that her eyes are glowing. He points it out to the group. Elleanna wakes Kero up to let her know. Kero blesses the water in her flask and dumps it onto her. It doesn't affect her. She is awake and coherent, though. We ask her why her eyes are glowing. She does not know. She does not know who she is either. We ask her about the card again. She sees the same thing- us imaged on it, and The Survivor printed on top.  We wonder why she sees us, and she responds "I can see that, I mean I can understand why you would be on it. You're on a quest aren't you?" .. "Well, we're on something..' – Elleanna/ Crystal. 

Behrito touches She Who Breathes Fire's face, and feels wonderful. We ask her if there are others like her, and she says yes, and that they are here now. Saving throw! Suddenly Behrito's eyes are a reddish-orange. He is no longer in possession of his body, and smiles evilly, "Who wants to be my friend?" Kador offers, and red-eyed Behrito asks "what can you offer me?"… "You are best left untouched".

We choose Giles as The Survivor. The card is given to him. She Who Breathes Fire stands up and steps off the throne. Giles takes her place. He is now bound to sit there. If he stands up, the door that allows us out will close. Once again, Giles takes care of the door for us. 

We arrive back in the tower. The people we left there for "safe keeping" are still there. They tell us that we were gone about 3 days.  We escort them back successfully, and receive our pay (12 SP a piece total- the 6 we received before, and 6SP upon completion). 

Kero's sister and Behrito's sister are in this land. We find that Kero's sister, Sybil, has married a dwarf. Behrito's sister is Behrita. We only have the name to go off of at this point. We all do our own thing, and inquire at various places about Behrita. Jamie finds out that she is working locally as a barista at the Thief's Chalice. We all meet up at the temple, and he relays this info to the group. It is a two-story timber and brick building. It was once a barracks. There is one common room with cots. They also have food. We decide to go there for a meal. We inquire about Behrita, and the lady serving us tells us it is her day off. We decide to bunk there for the night, and wait for her to take her shift the next day.

There are five others staying in the common room- human, halfling, dwarf, human, and elf. We go for breakfast, and the person serving us is about the height of Bherito and bears a resemblance. She recognizes Behrito as her brother. She asks what he's doing here.  We decide to stay one more night and get together with Behrita to talk, and gather some missing info about Behrito. 

We find out from Behrita that there are still bad dragons lingering in the area, a demon lord imprisoned in a tower, wizards conducting dangerous experiments, someone stole something from the gem cutter's guild- there is a reward, mayor of the town is a (metaphorical) puppet.

We also still have Kero's brother to find. 400 XP for the session! (500 for level 2s) 

Session 16
Please Sir can i have some more? xp?

We set out  the next morning to scout around to see if anyone needs protection along the trade routes.  There is an opening that would accommodate our whole party, and pay us each 1 SP per day.  It would be a 4 week outing (2 weeks each way).  Corn break…  Kero gets more details about the job, and brings the info back to the party.  The party agrees to take the job.  We forget to ask where we're actually going.  Kero goes back to confirm we'll take the job, and we find out after-the-fact that we're going to Vult'arihr.  Meals are included!  But we need to bring our own provisions otherwise.  The city we're going to is a Dwarven city where Kero's sister lives.  Stewart considers ditching his longbow since he hasn't had much luck with it, but there was a suggestion to create a lute/ bow combo for easier carrying and efficiency.  Expect a crafting/ journeying montage… We also ponder gender changes, as a good portion of the party is now gender bent.  We meet our caravan, Maynard and Howard (mid twenties / early thirties), and Answyn (10 year old girl).  The caravan is only one cart with two horses.  As security detail, we create a loose ring around the cart.   First watch with Stewart, Jamie, and Bob is uneventful.  Kador hears some rustling near camp on second watch.  He tells Giles he's going to check it out. It's a Dire Wolf! Kador decides to sense the motive of the dire wolf, and finds it most likely wants to eat us. Kador attempts animal handling, but then books back to camp.  Giles is oblivious to Kador's distress.  Jamie and Bob awaken, sensing something happening.  Jamie asks Giles, and finds out that Kador went off on his own.  The wolf catches up to Kador as he reaches camp.  It attacks Kador, biting and clawing.  He goes down.  Stewart tries to coax the wolf to our side, but it does not work.  Kero heals Kador, and he's back up.  Elleanna acid splash's.  Jamie tries for a hit, but misses.  Bob tries to hit with his staff, but misses.  The wolf goes after Jamie and does 28 damage! Giles comes to, and hits the wolf.  Elleanna sparks, and the dire wolf is now a flaming dire wolf.  Magic missile, and the wolf is done.  Elleanna "loots the body".  Kador skins the wolf.  We now have a wolf pelt and meat for eating.  (171 XP each!). We have 4 uneventful days.  The 5th night, Stewart is woken up by a Giant Spider. He pulls a dagger. That's initiative, folks! The spider does stuff to Stewart.  Ouchies.  Elleanna magic missiles.  Kero heals Stewart, even though he's near the spider, and ew…  The spider talks? But it's still set on eating us.  And then there's another! And Elleanna sees another- that makes 3!  Kero creates an obscuring mist around us, but the spiders are big, so we see them, they don't see us. But the spiders are… magic?! They cast dispell magic, and the obscuring mist poofs. Kador manages to cut off both mandibles of the spider descending on him. Bob magic missles Toothless.  Giles is dropped by the one on him.  Stewart gets hit by the one on him and goes down.  Kero mass heals, and everyone is at least back up.  Toothless somehow manages to cast Barkskin? Stewart hears Barfskin, but it does manage to cast it, and now it's harder to hit. Boo. Giles and Kador back away, and the one spider start off towards the caravan, and Maynard, Howard, and Answyn.  Giles manages to kill the one on Stewart, and Stewart swiftly dodges being crushed by the spider corpse. Elleanna distracts the one heading toward the caravan, but it lashes back and injures her.  Bob throws his staff at it, and does some damage.  Kador gets so caught up that he stabs wildly, and ends up pretty critically injuring himself.  The spider is amused, and also tries to hit Kador. Stewart's singing inspires us all, and we start to make some hits. Only "Gummy/ Toothless" remains.  Kador makes up for initial epic fail, and comes back to majorly crit against Gummy.  He ded. Way dead. (Another 257 XP (plus 50 for level 2 peeps)).  We loot 86 GP, jade, peridot, topaz, 2 magic items (scroll of protection from evil, and a wand of flare).  7th day passes unevenfully.  The next day, we come across a wolf that seems to be following our caravan.  We realize it is a werewolf! Elleanna throws some of the dire wolf meat towards it, and it becomes aggressive.  Initiative!  Stewart uses Touch of Gracelessness against it, and it is now uncoordinated.  It attacks Elleanna, and she's down.  Stewart heals her up a bit, so she is stable, but still down.  Jamie hits it for a bit of damage.  Giles is down.  Stewart inspires, and then manages a pretty decent hit (inspired by his own singing).  Giles got up from unconsciousness and killed the lycanthrope.  We loot.  He has on armor (magic chain 1), a potion (cure moderate wounds), and a great axe (1- magic). (200 XP to 2nd level, 3rd level 171 XP).  A couple days pass.  One evening watch, Giles hears rustling.  Kador goes to investigate.  It is something that is hungry, and tells Kador he is looking for a tasty morsel.  We hear Giles shout at it, and a lot of the party is awakened.  Giles moves quickly and does major damage to the unknown creature.  We find out said creature is vampire spawn.  Initiative!  We flank. Elleanna sparks the vampire spawn, and it is set alight.  Flaming vampire spawn!  Kador kills it.  We loot it.  It has a potion, a scroll, and two wands.  Potion of Certain Grip.  Wand of Inflict Light Wounds (26 charges), Wand of Message (13 charges), Scroll of Bane.  (171 XP for 3rd level, 200 XP for 2nd level people).   We travel some more, and finally come upon the town we are seeking.  It looks strangely quiet.  We decide to camp outside of the town, in the woods.  The night passes uneventfully, and we approach the town the next morning.  It is still eerily quiet.  There are no guards.  There is a faint residue of magic.  Elleanna finds that it is possibly remnants of something caused by a litch (that worshipped Asdan, btw).  We drop Howard, Maynard, and Aswyn off in a guard tower, set them up with provisions, and decide to check underground.  They are agreeable, and decide that if we do not come back for them within a week, they will head back to their town on their own.  They do pay us 6 SP each for guarding them this far successfully.  We head underground.  We're in Hallway C, and we're suddenly covered by a net (except for Jamie and Giles who managed to side-step it).  Jamie jumps up and cuts us free.  We fall ungracefully into a heap.  We head to Hallway A, but the ceiling has collapsed. We head towards the door for Room 13, but we're unable to get into the door by lock picking.  It's a stone door, and we're at a loss, so we continue past it.  Room 36 was also locked, but it's a wooden door that Giles was able to open.  There are rats.  Kero goes into a frenzy of sorts and kills them all (we each get 10 XP).  We head to the next room (#14).  Kero tries to push the door open, but bounces off.  Jamie casually walks up and opens the door.  There are demonic war masks on the wall and a monster.  Initiative!  Undead skeletal champion.  There are several square holes cut into the ceiling and floor 1ft x 1ft, 6 inches deep.  We begin to attack, and realize that slashing and piercing isn't very effective,  We eventually manage to kill (rekill?) the undead litch.  We find 5 GP, 60 SP, and a ton of gems and such that Elleanna has track of.  He is also wearing Masterwork Hide.  Elleanna also finds a wooden box containing 45 GP, 330 SP, 1200 CP, and more gems! Oil of purify food and drink, Scroll of Enlarge Person (Bob takes). Something happens  (a trap was triggered) that Kador and Giles become befuddled.  We struggle a little, but get the door open and move out into the hallway.  We go into room 31.  We see a ladder that goes up into a loft area, demonic symbols, and a Giant Spider! It's not a magical spider.  (200 XP for playing so far) aaand, Initiative! We whiff a bit.  Elleanna magic missiles it, and kills it!  (57 XP). 21 GP, 150 SP,  pearls, jasper, lapis azul, pyrite.  There are lots of rooms in this underground.  There are signs for a Merchant's Guild, but it is 4 floors below this one.  We can get through the dungeon-y underground to search our the Merchant's Guild, or go back up to our caravan crew on the surface level.  Before we go, Kero is compelled to scratch out the demonic faces on the masks.  She does, and Elleanna senses a card in her pocket.  The room becomes arid, and we find ourselves in the middle of a tribal village.  There is a person seated in a throne, with a field of tall grass behind.  The person seated in the throne is a mournful woman with a dragon tattoo on her face.  She is crying, but also appears fierce.  Next to her is some kind of projectile weapon (aka a modern machine gun, but we don't know this…).  Kero offers a handkerchief.  She gets a disdainful look in response.  We attempt to converse in multiple languages.  Kero finally finds that she speaks Celestial. She is not exactly friendly, but Kero pushes on to ask a few questions.  We try to find out why we were transported here, but she is unsure why we would be here.  She says we are okay to investigate the area, but should return to the throne area before the sun hits the horizon. We come back to the throne area, and find the village is back intact, and the woman no longer has a tattoo on her face (like a hard reset to the time before the event that decimated the area).  There are people that she is organizing.  She places us in a side area and suggests we can not be of assistance, and we should stay out of the way.  There are mechanical horses that overtake the area.  We essentially witness the battle and downfall, and she is the lone survivor.   She sits back up on the throne.  After being seated for a while, Kero asks her name.  Her name is "She Who Breathes Fire".  We come to understand that she relives this event every night (a la Groundhog Day).  Once we understand what is happening, we try to think of ways to be of assistance.  Kero has decided to take any furniture, etc. to build a sort of blockade, or way to impede the progression of the opposing forces.  We decide to see if hiding a villager with us behind the battle line alters the battle at all.  We find a little boy, 12ish, to stow away with us.  His name is Sam.  the battle scene resets with our ditches and barricades in place.  The barricades helped somewhat.  Stewart begins to sing, and it does raise the spirits of the villagers.  There are 3 additional people alive at the end of this evening, as well as Sam.  We decide to forage about after the last battle, and see that the ditches are still in place.  The barricades are not, but we decide to expand on the ditches, rebuild barricades in order to bottle-neck the mechanical horses into one area, and use a few spells to aid the villagers in the battle.  2 mechanical horses do get stuck in a ditch in the next battle.  The people in the mechanical horse come out and set out on foot.  We use magic missles.  Stewart sings to the aid of the villagers in battle.  At the end of the night, we count 20 people saved (there are approximately 35 villagers that are part of this battle).  We try one more round of battle, but we have lost some villagers this round, and only saved 13.  We will need to reassess our plans. 

Session 15
Let's get this party started.... or.. reformed?

We're on George's boat and close to shore.  We see something in the water (some things actually).  About 10 humanoid things.  Initiative! One jumps up and critically hits Bob (like way unconscious).  They're very stabby with their tridents.  After a couple bouts, and mishaps, we kill!  We loot!  76 GP, 45 SP, 80 CP Agate- 10GP, Agate- 12 GP, Ivory- 55GP, Jade- 120GP, Moonstone- 25GP, Obsidian- 11GP, Topaz- 600GP.  We make it to shore.  Kero pays a dock kid a couple copper to take a message to the Temple of Asdan to let the bad guys know their cargo has arrived.  They show up to the boat to check out the wares.  Stewart and Argo (mostly Argo) intimidates the poop out of one guy, and asks for credentials.  They are who they say they are.  Argo shakes on the deal, and the magic pact is removed.  The temple guys will be back to unload the goods from our boat.  We meander a bit, but then realize we have a mission- get Giles and bring him back!  We head to the Temple of Aleria to meet up with Maria.  We are bound to be at the service of the Temple for their keeping Giles safe and for performing the ritual.  Maria advises us to be back at first light, to be clean, and NO metal allowed.  It's 5GP to dock the boat.  We go back to Kero's to rest, clean up, and spend the night.  Kador decides to check out the basement area.  There is no door, no draft, nothing extraordinary about the basement.  We sleep well, and the night passes uneventfully.  Kero rises early to pray to her god and Aleria.  She wakes us about an hour prior in order to get the Temple on time.  We pack up certain items and head off.  We get there, and Giles (his parts) are on a pedestal.  Stewart's lute is blessed, and he begins to play for the ceremony.  They begin the ritual, and Giles is revived!  He does not look well.  He is pale and sweating.  Elleanna senses that her pack is hot, even though we're not in the same area as our stuff.  Stewart decides to place a cloth over Giles' nether region.  In the meantime, Elleanna's pocket gets warm, and she senses a card there.  Before she pulls it, we determine we should get our packs, but no one really wants to break the circle.  Stewart tries, but we're not able to move beyond the circle.  We ask Maria to throw our stuff into the circle.  She tries to throw a rock, but it won't enter the circle.  Elleanna pulls the card and we're transported.  There is an eclipse with a blood-red sky.  A vortex forms under Giles. Elleanna jumps into the vortex! The rest are swallowed by it.  We're in a dream-like state.  We come upon an empty fairground area.  There are empty tents, etc. on grounds.  It is eerily silent here.  We get Giles some clothes.  We check around.  Elleanna casts Detect Magic, and it is painfully blinding.  We see blood coming from the corners of her eyes.  There are no fresh prints or evidence of people or creatures here at all.   Stewart is suddenly drawn in a certain direction, and is not able to resist.  He notifies the party, and we follow.  There is a woman sitting by the fire, asking for coins.  Jamie obliges with 12 GP, and she offers him a seat by the fire.  Stewart also offers some coins, and to play her a song.  Giles leans down and offers a kiss.  Elleanna offered Oil of Light, Kero offered prayer, Kador offered a dagger, Argo offers a hug and his dragon candle.  Len/ Behrito has marshmallows to offer!  Bob adds a pinch of Adamantine to the tin, and it produces a pecan pie, which he offers to her.  The lady at the fire has a deck of cards.  She waves her hand over the deck.  A jewel-encrusted pin appears, and she offers it to Jamie for his generosity.  Thom is offered a card.  He flips it over, and instant death!  :-0  Kador is offered a card, and flips it.  She disappears!  Behrito is offered a card.  He declines.  Kero is offered cards to choose from.  She asks her god's guidance, and chooses the left card.  It brings back Thom as a girl (now Tammy)! She is bound to Kero to serve loyally for life.  Elleanna is offered the cards.  She chooses the middle card, and a quarterstaff appears in her hand.  She then chooses the left card, and disappears!  Something will also happen to her later.  Three cards appear in front of Argo.  He chooses the right card, and… he loses three points of intelligence permanently!  He picks the right card and gets shoes.  He draws the middle card and loses a bunch of stuff.  Bob turns his card over and gets a throne (with an option to place his castle anywhere he'd like!).  Stewart declines the offer.  Giles is offered three cards.  Giles draws, and both Elleanna and Kador return!  They are now both male, and must serve Giles loyally forever.  Giles also got a cloak.  Her last gift to the group is a prophecy.  Countermand resolved, hunt entities to save them, when stars fall from the sky,… regret the choices you have made him…  Make peace with the end or perish. 

The card disintegrates, and we arrive back to the room at the Temple.  

Argo's shoes are identified, and he can turn into lightning! (Shoes of Lightning Leaping).

We return to Kero's house and find that we've actually been away for a couple/ several weeks.  We go back to "feed the meter" to dock the boat (another 5GP), and head back to Kero's to rest.  There is a package for Bob.  It is his "Kingdom Starter Pack".  His advisor (Argon!!) writes to welcome him.

Elleanna also gets a package.  They advise that she is no longer a princess in her realm (as she is now a prince).  They acknowledge her change, and new pronouns. 

Most of the party gets ready for bed (or other things…).  Stewart goes to drink with the servants, and Giles decides he also needs a drink.  Stewart asks him about the after-life.  He tells him it was pleasant, and now that he's back he is confused.  Although things are different, Stewart convinces Giles that he'll have another opportunity to die for one of our party, and we'll get him some cool items along the way.  They toast to his being back. 

Kador notices that Giles seems.. different in some way, but can't quite place it.  They drink a little bit more, and head up to bed. 

We wake for breakfast. Giles needs to shop for the basics.  Elleanna gives him the Topaz to shop with.  Stewart and Kador share with the group about Giles' change and disposition.  Giles comes back after about an hour with his purchases. 

We decide to pack up and get provisions to head out to Dasso (sp?).  We spend two agates worth of gold, plus 560 SP of party funds to get three weeks worth of rations for everyone.  We now have 336 GP, 667.5 SP in party funds.  

As traveling, we notice there is an abundance of crab off the back of the boat.  They are fast.  Jamie picks up the one crab that is already on board, and throws it at the other crabs.  He hits!  Crab on crab!  We magic missile, we dagger, and long sword against the group of crabs.  We wear them down, and Elleanna finishes the off with Magic Missile.  Crab cookout!  Argo makes delicious gumbo.  There are sparkly bits inside them.  Elleanna finds all the shiny bits- 200GP, 929SP, 3,280CP & 8 gems (Elleanna has them and knows their value).  

We plug along, and see a few forms in the water.  They're octopus, and seem… friendly?  We leave them alone; they leave us alone. 

We go a couple more days.  A row boat is following us.  There is an unnatural fog.  Something is climbing up the back of the boat.  They're zombies!  They're strong, but we are stronger.  They're not good eating, though, so we do not fry up the zombies for foods.

The next few days are uneventful.  We make it to the port town.  We either pay 16GP to dock for the day, or go the next town over to dock.  We decide to dock the town over, since it's a day walk away.  We make it to the new port.  It's 2GP per day to dock there.  We pay 12 GP for the week to dock, and 1GP for someone to watch the boat (13GP in total), and we're set for the week.  We make it back to our originally-intended town uneventfully.  

We explore and find the most populous tavern to listen in on conversations and ask questions around.  We find The Bear and the Badger.  It's by a dyer's workshop and a Dwarven home.  There are small rooms with wooden cots.  There's a cellar!  4CP / night per person.  Giles walks off; half the party follows, and then we all end up going next door to the dyer's place, and wander a bit before coming back to the tavern for drinks.  Giles, Stewart, Argo, and Jamie head to the bar.  There have been a lot of strange occurrences in town.  A bridge was destroyed, there have been ambushes along trade routes, and there was a spectral dragon in the marshes. 

Kero, Elleanna, and Behrito head to another tavern, called The Foolish Pilgrim.  They hear word that the local bishop accepts bribes to do shady things, there will be a dual between two scholars the next day, there is rumor of a vampire; children have been stolen in the night.  There may be spell-casting spiders in the area as well.  

We all spend the evening at The Bear and the Badger.  We pair up to share rooms (2CP a piece per night).  Giles wanders out during the night, and goes to sit by a fire.  Jamie follows, and notices that Giles is muttering incoherently.  The rest of the party remains in their rooms for a full night's rest, only waking at morning's light. 

We check around for information.  Stewart shares his knowledge and info on vampires.  We check local shops for items we might need based on the information we've acquired by listening in on tavern talk.  We'll likely need some silvered weapons. There are a couple shops with magic items, but they're kind of pricey (2,000 – 50,000 GP).   We continue to explore the town to stock up on the items that we need to face all of the strange things in this town. 


Session 14

The brunt of the party is back at the bake sale.  Cut to Thom and Len- they wake up in a barn feeling a bit ill (nothing nefarious happened).  They walk out into the festival.  There is a random kid that tells them of the festival for Gwen, and points out her fortress.  Kador meets up with them and leads them back towards the bake sale.  Possible Sparkle pony rides to make some more money at the bake sale.  We make 14 GP and 8 SP at the bake sale for the day.  We head out ot take on the task of the missing live stock.  This day somehow seems a bit duller than yesterday? We ponder it for a bit, but move on to talk with Nancy.  The livestock job is off the table.  We walk back out, and notice the buildings are starting to fray?  Elleanna finds the card in her pocket, and notices that it's starting to fray as well, leading her to believe that something is happening to ths dimension.  We decide to go back to see Gwen.  Elleanna tries to knock on the door, but her hand goes right through the door.  She walks right through into a bunch of nothingness.  We decide to tie rope one end of Kador and she goes in after Elleanna.  Argo is on the other side of the door holding on.  Kador and Elleanna hear each other in the nothingness, but Kador runs out of rope. Bob runs his hands along the walls of the fortress, and finds solid wall, but some holes.  He tries to call for Gwen, but his voice doesn't reach her.  Thom calls out, and gets a response.  She's awake. We hear knocking around the corner behind a part of the wall.  Jamie finds a hole in the wall and puts his staff through.  Elleanna and Kador see it, and walk towards it.  Elleanna is able to exit through the hole. Kador is not able, and is stuck in the nothingness.  We call out for Gwen, she's busy.. and then not there?  Elleanna runs her arm through a part of the wall, and Kador is able to see it. She tries to move towards it.  Kador is able to reah Elleanna.  Her legs and arms make it through the wall, but not her head?  She ducks and finds herself back on the other side.  Yay!  Argo is able to bust through the door?!  It's his shape!  We call out for Gwen, but no response.  There is smoke coming out from the forge, but the door is closed.  Elleanna reaches out for the door, and it's solid.  Argo starts to fall through the door, and manages to brace himself.  The door is a pull door (oops), but is locked.  Len recognizes it's a wooden door and proposes for Kador to flame arrow it.  The hinges are on the outside, and Bob and Argo try to take the hinges off, but are not successful.  We tie one end of the rope to the handle and all pull (tug-of-war with the door).  We're able to bring it down, but part of the door sinks into the floor, and we need to cut the rope.  We now have two ropes that are 48 feet long instead of 50.  It seems like we could fall through the floor; that it's not solid.  We see someone standing by the forge, possibly Gwen.  Kador thinks she might be able to lasso her.  She throws! And a miss… She loses the rope.  We have one 48 foot rope now.  Len starts to send Sparkles forward.  Sparkles starts to fall through the floor/ dimensional floor.  Len grabs Sparkles.  Jamie grabs the other end of Sparkles.  They start to fall into the floor.  Argo grabs hold of Jamie; they're still slipping.  Kador tries to grab hold.  Slipping.  Thom tries to pull Argo back, but isn't able to hold on.  Bob tries to pull Thom back, but has no strength.  Len is able to get a better grip on Sparkles, and starts moving back in the right direction.  Jamie is sliding into the pit.  Argo is sliding into the pit.  Pray for Sparkles! We try to retrieve Sparkles and the rope, but only get 9 feet of rope back.  Kero makes her way to the fortress, but while stepping across the floor she sinks in halfway. She pulls out a rope and parsnip to see if she can entice Sparkle back.  We don't get Sparkles back, but she does get the full rope and parsnip back.  Jamie and Elleanna pour water on the floor and find that it stays.  Argo suggests holding the magic card against it; nothing happens.  Argo suggests tapping it, and Elleanna offers the card up to Argo to do it himself. "Fuck no!"- Argo.  The expression on his eyebrowless face says that he knows he should not play with magical items… We find another door instead, and poke it with a stick.  We try to open it, but strength is not working.  Bob casts 'Open', and it swings forward. We fall through the door, but not through the floor. We see Gwen forging something; possibly a trident.  We inquire about it, and what we should do with the materials we collected.  She suggests that we leave.  She finishes the trident she is working on, puts it on a rack to cool, and exits.  The archway disappears behind her.  Len walks up to the forge to see if he maybe remembers how to forge things?  He walks right into the forge! But he's not burning? Kero follows… then Elleanna.  Our party one by one casually walks into the fire.  We end up on the other side in a forest.  The forge closes behind us.  Len/ Burrito calls for Sparkles.  This is a dense forest, and there is a river in the distance.  Burrito finds deer tracks.  We decide to bunk down, and take watches.  The night passes uneventfully.  We try to figure out our whereabouts.  Luckily Kero has some sailing experience, and is able to deduce some things from the stars.  We need to head West to get back to revive Giles, or to get to Gasso/ Dasso (sp?).  Kero remembers that there is a coastal town between the two, and we decide to head there.  It will be about a week and a half travel time.  We find some food and provisions the first day, and it sustains us for a bit. The first few days pass uneventfully.  The third night Kador and Burrito hear a rustling in the woods.  They investigate, and tromp a little bit after it.  The rustling stops.  Third watch takes over, and they also hear the rustling, but nothing ever comes of it.  We go about the next couple days, and then suddenly… goblins!  We kill them!  Elleanna loots the bodies, and finds some gold pieces and silver pieces.  Also gems- Azurite- 11 GP,  Malachite- 9 GP, Sardonyx 50 GP, a Masterwork Great Sword.  Oil of Light, Oil of Purify Food and Drink.  Potion of Protection from Good.  Potion of Shield of Faith.  Scroll of Sanctuary.   Total Party loot to date (per Bob's treasurer tally) = 336 Gold Pieces, 1,237.5 SP and whatever our gems and potions are worth.  Plus the value of the metals that Kero has.  

On the third watch the next night, we find a unicorn!  We sit with it for a while, and it eats some of Kero's offerings, then leaves.  We continue on and find a cocatriece (sp?).  It is flying overhead.  Next night on first watch, something charges through the clearing.  It is a giant mantis!  We fight it in rounds and kill it.  Argo and Kador manage to make delicious mantis steaks.  

We finally make it to the town. Kero gets some information from the barkeep, and finds out the next boat to Ander isn't for another 3 weeks.  She does find out that there is someone in the village that may be willing to part with their boat.  His name is George, and he's grumpy. He's not willing to negotiate, since it's nighttime.  We find a barn- they're willing to let us sleep there for 1 copper each for the night.  We go back in the morning.  George begrudgingly allows Kero to check out the boat.  It looks like it would do the job of getting us all to Ander.  He asks 8000 GP.  Kero isn't having it.  Argo asks if there is any type of work George needs done in exchange.  He says he needs a shipment delivered to Ander, and we're not allowed to ask questions about it.  We decide to do it, and he then proposes 450 GP to buy the boat.  He also makes a blood pact with Argo -we're not allowed to look into the crates, and the delivery must go as planned, or we die.  George says he needs two days in order to prepare the cargo for the shipment.  Argo decides to spy to make sure there is nothing too shady about the shipment.  They see George loading 11 crates onto the boat; nothing is too out of the ordinary.  

Mission: We need to deliver the goods to people of the Temple of Asdan.  They will come to the boat to pick up the cargo.  The delivery needs to go off without a hitch.  (George did not specify that they needed to live after the delivery was made)

Session 13
Maybe you have Triskaidekaphobia? That will be 5 cents please.

We make our way to the second shop and inquire about the costs of wares from the dwarven shop

keeper there. He is not impressed, and we cannot afford his metals. We attempt to make him a living

pie, but the tin only produces apple tarts (which are not alive OR regenerative, but are OBSCENELY

delicious). We decide to head back to Gwen’s to see what we’re able to forge from the metals we’ve

purchased so far. We arrive back, after an uneventful trip from the shops. Gwen is still asleep. Argo

pets the hair. We try to find materials to forge weapons, and decide to explore Gwen’s fortress. Argo

ventures down a hallway, and finds it is full of armor, some of which would fit him. Elleanna advises

against it, but Argo adds a mental note to ask Gwen about it later. However, he is compelled to try it on,

and it is wonderful and shiny. It has a magic aura (abjuration). We find a map! We decide to trek

around a bit. There is a human village, dwarven village, green field, and fey forest.

p.s. Brianne has- 4 Lbs Adamantium & 2 Lbs Glass Steel

We decide to go to the human village, and there is a festival in progress. It’s for Gwen! There are some

weapons for sale, people wandering, Arts & Crafts, and bards playing music. Stuart listens in on the

music for a bit, and decides to start playing. He does okay, and makes a bit of coin.

.1 automaton- 6 apple tarts

2 copper- 5 apple tarts

Grains of living steel & automaton- explode :::REROLL:::

4 apple tarts

We sell 9 tarts! 3.5 SP each! We sell 1 more tart!

We use more automaton (2 pieces) and get a rhubarb pie, and 4 small chocolate cakes.

1GP a piece for the chocolate cakes

Whole pie- 4GP (8 slices) 6” pie (there was an offer for 6GP for the whole pie)

Argo and Elleanna go check out the town board for possible jobs

Cows/ livestock are going missing, a second job is for house pets also going missing

There is a guard job for an actor

Elleanna goes to inquire (with Nancy) about the jobs for the missing animals

We sell 4 more tarts and 2 little chocolate cakes (made a platinum+ some silver so far)

We replenish stock- 4 apple tarts, and 3 more chocolate cakes

We sell 1 tart and 1 chocolate cake- (3.5 SP and 1 GP)

We sell the rest of our tarts- 3x 3.5 and our cakes (+3GP)

We make: 2 chocolate cakes, 1 apple tart, 6 apple tarts

1 pinch glass steel= 5 strawberry cakes (with strawberries and cream on top)- 3GP a piece??

1 pinch of adamantine= 25 shortbread cookies (minus 1 that Elleanna “steals”), and minus two given to

little girls that we made cry while asking about their missing pet.

We decide to sell the remaining shortbread cookies for 5SP a piece

We sell 1 choc cake, all tarts, all strawberry cakes, and 8 cookies

Kador realizes she a ranger! We can get on the missing animal detail because she can speak with


We make 6 lemon cookies, 5 apple tarts, 2 more lemon cookies, 3 chocolate cakes, 2 rhubarb pies

Sell: 1 rhubarb pie for 4 GP

All choc cakes

2 apple tarts

All lemon cookies

Sell 11 shortbread cookies

Total baked good sales = 35GP and 191.5 SP

We wake Gwen up. She has a candle-making class event that we all attend, along with the villagers that

signed up. Elleanna does well to make the dragon. Bob makes a wax ball…

We present Gwen the last rhubarb pie, and we all split it, and show her the ale that we sent back for


We decide to get the day going. Kador wants to check out some of Gwen’s armor.

Jamie notices that Gwen has a cylindrical tin on her. She explains that it’s her “never-ending cookie tin”.

Gwen like: Punching, Bricks, never-ending cookies, spikey books

We go back into town to tell Nancy that we’ll take the pet case. Citizens are offering 51 GP if we solve

the Mystery of the Missing Pets.

We wander into town and come upon a cat. Its tag reads “belongs to Suzy” and her address.

We find our way to Suzy’s, but we decide to let the cat roam and follow it around to see where it goes.

We follow it down into a sewer!

We try to stealth. It goes okay, until it doesn’t… clunk, splash, son of a bitch! Ouchies.

Kador spots something that takes us down a hall. We don’t notice much. Elleanna realizes it became

super quiet- no sewer noises, etc.

We were fired at by a crossbow arrow. Jamie turned around and saw a group of Drow. They say “die” in

Drow. Jamie tells us in common “they don’t like us”. They attempt to attack Jamie, but miss.

Argo hits one, and it dies. Bob hits one, and it dies. Drow hits Elleanna for 1 pt. Elleanna sets one on

fire. Drow hits Jamie. Bob gets an opportunity attack on one; it looks good (nat 20) and whiff (0

damage). Kador kills a Drow. Argo takes his swords and baseball bats the head of a Drow off, which hits

another Drow, and takes ITS head off, which then takes out two more.

Hopeless Drow and the Lost Kittens

Jamie punches THROUGH a Drow and pulls its heart out

We finally kill the last Drow, and LOOT the bodies!

We find gems- Crystal has totals, 26 platinum, 265 GP, 190 SP, and a scroll (shadow anchor-


We find Suzy’s cat in one of the bags (Alive!), but they also have animal bones in the other bags.

We stumble upon an alcove that appears to be the living area of the Drow. Kador finds a box with +20

platinum and 190 GP.

We take some animal remains, the collars, and Drow bits to show Nancy.

8GP total for lodging, which includes baths and dinner.

The night passes uneventfully. We bring our evidence for Nancy, and she provides us the reward of:

51 GP 230 SP 1200 CP- gems!

Masterwork Leather Armor- for humanoid

Magical items- 1 oil of erase, 2 oil of light, 1 scroll of divine favor, 1 scroll of protection from evil


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