The City of Swords

Session 16
Please Sir can i have some more? xp?

We set out  the next morning to scout around to see if anyone needs protection along the trade routes.  There is an opening that would accommodate our whole party, and pay us each 1 SP per day.  It would be a 4 week outing (2 weeks each way).  Corn break…  Kero gets more details about the job, and brings the info back to the party.  The party agrees to take the job.  We forget to ask where we're actually going.  Kero goes back to confirm we'll take the job, and we find out after-the-fact that we're going to Vult'arihr.  Meals are included!  But we need to bring our own provisions otherwise.  The city we're going to is a Dwarven city where Kero's sister lives.  Stewart considers ditching his longbow since he hasn't had much luck with it, but there was a suggestion to create a lute/ bow combo for easier carrying and efficiency.  Expect a crafting/ journeying montage… We also ponder gender changes, as a good portion of the party is now gender bent.  We meet our caravan, Maynard and Howard (mid twenties / early thirties), and Answyn (10 year old girl).  The caravan is only one cart with two horses.  As security detail, we create a loose ring around the cart.   First watch with Stewart, Jamie, and Bob is uneventful.  Kador hears some rustling near camp on second watch.  He tells Giles he's going to check it out. It's a Dire Wolf! Kador decides to sense the motive of the dire wolf, and finds it most likely wants to eat us. Kador attempts animal handling, but then books back to camp.  Giles is oblivious to Kador's distress.  Jamie and Bob awaken, sensing something happening.  Jamie asks Giles, and finds out that Kador went off on his own.  The wolf catches up to Kador as he reaches camp.  It attacks Kador, biting and clawing.  He goes down.  Stewart tries to coax the wolf to our side, but it does not work.  Kero heals Kador, and he's back up.  Elleanna acid splash's.  Jamie tries for a hit, but misses.  Bob tries to hit with his staff, but misses.  The wolf goes after Jamie and does 28 damage! Giles comes to, and hits the wolf.  Elleanna sparks, and the dire wolf is now a flaming dire wolf.  Magic missile, and the wolf is done.  Elleanna "loots the body".  Kador skins the wolf.  We now have a wolf pelt and meat for eating.  (171 XP each!). We have 4 uneventful days.  The 5th night, Stewart is woken up by a Giant Spider. He pulls a dagger. That's initiative, folks! The spider does stuff to Stewart.  Ouchies.  Elleanna magic missiles.  Kero heals Stewart, even though he's near the spider, and ew…  The spider talks? But it's still set on eating us.  And then there's another! And Elleanna sees another- that makes 3!  Kero creates an obscuring mist around us, but the spiders are big, so we see them, they don't see us. But the spiders are… magic?! They cast dispell magic, and the obscuring mist poofs. Kador manages to cut off both mandibles of the spider descending on him. Bob magic missles Toothless.  Giles is dropped by the one on him.  Stewart gets hit by the one on him and goes down.  Kero mass heals, and everyone is at least back up.  Toothless somehow manages to cast Barkskin? Stewart hears Barfskin, but it does manage to cast it, and now it's harder to hit. Boo. Giles and Kador back away, and the one spider start off towards the caravan, and Maynard, Howard, and Answyn.  Giles manages to kill the one on Stewart, and Stewart swiftly dodges being crushed by the spider corpse. Elleanna distracts the one heading toward the caravan, but it lashes back and injures her.  Bob throws his staff at it, and does some damage.  Kador gets so caught up that he stabs wildly, and ends up pretty critically injuring himself.  The spider is amused, and also tries to hit Kador. Stewart's singing inspires us all, and we start to make some hits. Only "Gummy/ Toothless" remains.  Kador makes up for initial epic fail, and comes back to majorly crit against Gummy.  He ded. Way dead. (Another 257 XP (plus 50 for level 2 peeps)).  We loot 86 GP, jade, peridot, topaz, 2 magic items (scroll of protection from evil, and a wand of flare).  7th day passes unevenfully.  The next day, we come across a wolf that seems to be following our caravan.  We realize it is a werewolf! Elleanna throws some of the dire wolf meat towards it, and it becomes aggressive.  Initiative!  Stewart uses Touch of Gracelessness against it, and it is now uncoordinated.  It attacks Elleanna, and she's down.  Stewart heals her up a bit, so she is stable, but still down.  Jamie hits it for a bit of damage.  Giles is down.  Stewart inspires, and then manages a pretty decent hit (inspired by his own singing).  Giles got up from unconsciousness and killed the lycanthrope.  We loot.  He has on armor (magic chain 1), a potion (cure moderate wounds), and a great axe (1- magic). (200 XP to 2nd level, 3rd level 171 XP).  A couple days pass.  One evening watch, Giles hears rustling.  Kador goes to investigate.  It is something that is hungry, and tells Kador he is looking for a tasty morsel.  We hear Giles shout at it, and a lot of the party is awakened.  Giles moves quickly and does major damage to the unknown creature.  We find out said creature is vampire spawn.  Initiative!  We flank. Elleanna sparks the vampire spawn, and it is set alight.  Flaming vampire spawn!  Kador kills it.  We loot it.  It has a potion, a scroll, and two wands.  Potion of Certain Grip.  Wand of Inflict Light Wounds (26 charges), Wand of Message (13 charges), Scroll of Bane.  (171 XP for 3rd level, 200 XP for 2nd level people).   We travel some more, and finally come upon the town we are seeking.  It looks strangely quiet.  We decide to camp outside of the town, in the woods.  The night passes uneventfully, and we approach the town the next morning.  It is still eerily quiet.  There are no guards.  There is a faint residue of magic.  Elleanna finds that it is possibly remnants of something caused by a litch (that worshipped Asdan, btw).  We drop Howard, Maynard, and Aswyn off in a guard tower, set them up with provisions, and decide to check underground.  They are agreeable, and decide that if we do not come back for them within a week, they will head back to their town on their own.  They do pay us 6 SP each for guarding them this far successfully.  We head underground.  We're in Hallway C, and we're suddenly covered by a net (except for Jamie and Giles who managed to side-step it).  Jamie jumps up and cuts us free.  We fall ungracefully into a heap.  We head to Hallway A, but the ceiling has collapsed. We head towards the door for Room 13, but we're unable to get into the door by lock picking.  It's a stone door, and we're at a loss, so we continue past it.  Room 36 was also locked, but it's a wooden door that Giles was able to open.  There are rats.  Kero goes into a frenzy of sorts and kills them all (we each get 10 XP).  We head to the next room (#14).  Kero tries to push the door open, but bounces off.  Jamie casually walks up and opens the door.  There are demonic war masks on the wall and a monster.  Initiative!  Undead skeletal champion.  There are several square holes cut into the ceiling and floor 1ft x 1ft, 6 inches deep.  We begin to attack, and realize that slashing and piercing isn't very effective,  We eventually manage to kill (rekill?) the undead litch.  We find 5 GP, 60 SP, and a ton of gems and such that Elleanna has track of.  He is also wearing Masterwork Hide.  Elleanna also finds a wooden box containing 45 GP, 330 SP, 1200 CP, and more gems! Oil of purify food and drink, Scroll of Enlarge Person (Bob takes). Something happens  (a trap was triggered) that Kador and Giles become befuddled.  We struggle a little, but get the door open and move out into the hallway.  We go into room 31.  We see a ladder that goes up into a loft area, demonic symbols, and a Giant Spider! It's not a magical spider.  (200 XP for playing so far) aaand, Initiative! We whiff a bit.  Elleanna magic missiles it, and kills it!  (57 XP). 21 GP, 150 SP,  pearls, jasper, lapis azul, pyrite.  There are lots of rooms in this underground.  There are signs for a Merchant's Guild, but it is 4 floors below this one.  We can get through the dungeon-y underground to search our the Merchant's Guild, or go back up to our caravan crew on the surface level.  Before we go, Kero is compelled to scratch out the demonic faces on the masks.  She does, and Elleanna senses a card in her pocket.  The room becomes arid, and we find ourselves in the middle of a tribal village.  There is a person seated in a throne, with a field of tall grass behind.  The person seated in the throne is a mournful woman with a dragon tattoo on her face.  She is crying, but also appears fierce.  Next to her is some kind of projectile weapon (aka a modern machine gun, but we don't know this…).  Kero offers a handkerchief.  She gets a disdainful look in response.  We attempt to converse in multiple languages.  Kero finally finds that she speaks Celestial. She is not exactly friendly, but Kero pushes on to ask a few questions.  We try to find out why we were transported here, but she is unsure why we would be here.  She says we are okay to investigate the area, but should return to the throne area before the sun hits the horizon. We come back to the throne area, and find the village is back intact, and the woman no longer has a tattoo on her face (like a hard reset to the time before the event that decimated the area).  There are people that she is organizing.  She places us in a side area and suggests we can not be of assistance, and we should stay out of the way.  There are mechanical horses that overtake the area.  We essentially witness the battle and downfall, and she is the lone survivor.   She sits back up on the throne.  After being seated for a while, Kero asks her name.  Her name is "She Who Breathes Fire".  We come to understand that she relives this event every night (a la Groundhog Day).  Once we understand what is happening, we try to think of ways to be of assistance.  Kero has decided to take any furniture, etc. to build a sort of blockade, or way to impede the progression of the opposing forces.  We decide to see if hiding a villager with us behind the battle line alters the battle at all.  We find a little boy, 12ish, to stow away with us.  His name is Sam.  the battle scene resets with our ditches and barricades in place.  The barricades helped somewhat.  Stewart begins to sing, and it does raise the spirits of the villagers.  There are 3 additional people alive at the end of this evening, as well as Sam.  We decide to forage about after the last battle, and see that the ditches are still in place.  The barricades are not, but we decide to expand on the ditches, rebuild barricades in order to bottle-neck the mechanical horses into one area, and use a few spells to aid the villagers in the battle.  2 mechanical horses do get stuck in a ditch in the next battle.  The people in the mechanical horse come out and set out on foot.  We use magic missles.  Stewart sings to the aid of the villagers in battle.  At the end of the night, we count 20 people saved (there are approximately 35 villagers that are part of this battle).  We try one more round of battle, but we have lost some villagers this round, and only saved 13.  We will need to reassess our plans. 

Session 15
Let's get this party started.... or.. reformed?

We're on George's boat and close to shore.  We see something in the water (some things actually).  About 10 humanoid things.  Initiative! One jumps up and critically hits Bob (like way unconscious).  They're very stabby with their tridents.  After a couple bouts, and mishaps, we kill!  We loot!  76 GP, 45 SP, 80 CP Agate- 10GP, Agate- 12 GP, Ivory- 55GP, Jade- 120GP, Moonstone- 25GP, Obsidian- 11GP, Topaz- 600GP.  We make it to shore.  Kero pays a dock kid a couple copper to take a message to the Temple of Asdan to let the bad guys know their cargo has arrived.  They show up to the boat to check out the wares.  Stewart and Argo (mostly Argo) intimidates the poop out of one guy, and asks for credentials.  They are who they say they are.  Argo shakes on the deal, and the magic pact is removed.  The temple guys will be back to unload the goods from our boat.  We meander a bit, but then realize we have a mission- get Giles and bring him back!  We head to the Temple of Aleria to meet up with Maria.  We are bound to be at the service of the Temple for their keeping Giles safe and for performing the ritual.  Maria advises us to be back at first light, to be clean, and NO metal allowed.  It's 5GP to dock the boat.  We go back to Kero's to rest, clean up, and spend the night.  Kador decides to check out the basement area.  There is no door, no draft, nothing extraordinary about the basement.  We sleep well, and the night passes uneventfully.  Kero rises early to pray to her god and Aleria.  She wakes us about an hour prior in order to get the Temple on time.  We pack up certain items and head off.  We get there, and Giles (his parts) are on a pedestal.  Stewart's lute is blessed, and he begins to play for the ceremony.  They begin the ritual, and Giles is revived!  He does not look well.  He is pale and sweating.  Elleanna senses that her pack is hot, even though we're not in the same area as our stuff.  Stewart decides to place a cloth over Giles' nether region.  In the meantime, Elleanna's pocket gets warm, and she senses a card there.  Before she pulls it, we determine we should get our packs, but no one really wants to break the circle.  Stewart tries, but we're not able to move beyond the circle.  We ask Maria to throw our stuff into the circle.  She tries to throw a rock, but it won't enter the circle.  Elleanna pulls the card and we're transported.  There is an eclipse with a blood-red sky.  A vortex forms under Giles. Elleanna jumps into the vortex! The rest are swallowed by it.  We're in a dream-like state.  We come upon an empty fairground area.  There are empty tents, etc. on grounds.  It is eerily silent here.  We get Giles some clothes.  We check around.  Elleanna casts Detect Magic, and it is painfully blinding.  We see blood coming from the corners of her eyes.  There are no fresh prints or evidence of people or creatures here at all.   Stewart is suddenly drawn in a certain direction, and is not able to resist.  He notifies the party, and we follow.  There is a woman sitting by the fire, asking for coins.  Jamie obliges with 12 GP, and she offers him a seat by the fire.  Stewart also offers some coins, and to play her a song.  Giles leans down and offers a kiss.  Elleanna offered Oil of Light, Kero offered prayer, Kador offered a dagger, Argo offers a hug and his dragon candle.  Len/ Behrito has marshmallows to offer!  Bob adds a pinch of Adamantine to the tin, and it produces a pecan pie, which he offers to her.  The lady at the fire has a deck of cards.  She waves her hand over the deck.  A jewel-encrusted pin appears, and she offers it to Jamie for his generosity.  Thom is offered a card.  He flips it over, and instant death!  :-0  Kador is offered a card, and flips it.  She disappears!  Behrito is offered a card.  He declines.  Kero is offered cards to choose from.  She asks her god's guidance, and chooses the left card.  It brings back Thom as a girl (now Tammy)! She is bound to Kero to serve loyally for life.  Elleanna is offered the cards.  She chooses the middle card, and a quarterstaff appears in her hand.  She then chooses the left card, and disappears!  Something will also happen to her later.  Three cards appear in front of Argo.  He chooses the right card, and… he loses three points of intelligence permanently!  He picks the right card and gets shoes.  He draws the middle card and loses a bunch of stuff.  Bob turns his card over and gets a throne (with an option to place his castle anywhere he'd like!).  Stewart declines the offer.  Giles is offered three cards.  Giles draws, and both Elleanna and Kador return!  They are now both male, and must serve Giles loyally forever.  Giles also got a cloak.  Her last gift to the group is a prophecy.  Countermand resolved, hunt entities to save them, when stars fall from the sky,… regret the choices you have made him…  Make peace with the end or perish. 

The card disintegrates, and we arrive back to the room at the Temple.  

Argo's shoes are identified, and he can turn into lightning! (Shoes of Lightning Leaping).

We return to Kero's house and find that we've actually been away for a couple/ several weeks.  We go back to "feed the meter" to dock the boat (another 5GP), and head back to Kero's to rest.  There is a package for Bob.  It is his "Kingdom Starter Pack".  His advisor (Argon!!) writes to welcome him.

Elleanna also gets a package.  They advise that she is no longer a princess in her realm (as she is now a prince).  They acknowledge her change, and new pronouns. 

Most of the party gets ready for bed (or other things…).  Stewart goes to drink with the servants, and Giles decides he also needs a drink.  Stewart asks him about the after-life.  He tells him it was pleasant, and now that he's back he is confused.  Although things are different, Stewart convinces Giles that he'll have another opportunity to die for one of our party, and we'll get him some cool items along the way.  They toast to his being back. 

Kador notices that Giles seems.. different in some way, but can't quite place it.  They drink a little bit more, and head up to bed. 

We wake for breakfast. Giles needs to shop for the basics.  Elleanna gives him the Topaz to shop with.  Stewart and Kador share with the group about Giles' change and disposition.  Giles comes back after about an hour with his purchases. 

We decide to pack up and get provisions to head out to Dasso (sp?).  We spend two agates worth of gold, plus 560 SP of party funds to get three weeks worth of rations for everyone.  We now have 336 GP, 667.5 SP in party funds.  

As traveling, we notice there is an abundance of crab off the back of the boat.  They are fast.  Jamie picks up the one crab that is already on board, and throws it at the other crabs.  He hits!  Crab on crab!  We magic missile, we dagger, and long sword against the group of crabs.  We wear them down, and Elleanna finishes the off with Magic Missile.  Crab cookout!  Argo makes delicious gumbo.  There are sparkly bits inside them.  Elleanna finds all the shiny bits- 200GP, 929SP, 3,280CP & 8 gems (Elleanna has them and knows their value).  

We plug along, and see a few forms in the water.  They're octopus, and seem… friendly?  We leave them alone; they leave us alone. 

We go a couple more days.  A row boat is following us.  There is an unnatural fog.  Something is climbing up the back of the boat.  They're zombies!  They're strong, but we are stronger.  They're not good eating, though, so we do not fry up the zombies for foods.

The next few days are uneventful.  We make it to the port town.  We either pay 16GP to dock for the day, or go the next town over to dock.  We decide to dock the town over, since it's a day walk away.  We make it to the new port.  It's 2GP per day to dock there.  We pay 12 GP for the week to dock, and 1GP for someone to watch the boat (13GP in total), and we're set for the week.  We make it back to our originally-intended town uneventfully.  

We explore and find the most populous tavern to listen in on conversations and ask questions around.  We find The Bear and the Badger.  It's by a dyer's workshop and a Dwarven home.  There are small rooms with wooden cots.  There's a cellar!  4CP / night per person.  Giles walks off; half the party follows, and then we all end up going next door to the dyer's place, and wander a bit before coming back to the tavern for drinks.  Giles, Stewart, Argo, and Jamie head to the bar.  There have been a lot of strange occurrences in town.  A bridge was destroyed, there have been ambushes along trade routes, and there was a spectral dragon in the marshes. 

Kero, Elleanna, and Behrito head to another tavern, called The Foolish Pilgrim.  They hear word that the local bishop accepts bribes to do shady things, there will be a dual between two scholars the next day, there is rumor of a vampire; children have been stolen in the night.  There may be spell-casting spiders in the area as well.  

We all spend the evening at The Bear and the Badger.  We pair up to share rooms (2CP a piece per night).  Giles wanders out during the night, and goes to sit by a fire.  Jamie follows, and notices that Giles is muttering incoherently.  The rest of the party remains in their rooms for a full night's rest, only waking at morning's light. 

We check around for information.  Stewart shares his knowledge and info on vampires.  We check local shops for items we might need based on the information we've acquired by listening in on tavern talk.  We'll likely need some silvered weapons. There are a couple shops with magic items, but they're kind of pricey (2,000 – 50,000 GP).   We continue to explore the town to stock up on the items that we need to face all of the strange things in this town. 


Session 14

The brunt of the party is back at the bake sale.  Cut to Thom and Len- they wake up in a barn feeling a bit ill (nothing nefarious happened).  They walk out into the festival.  There is a random kid that tells them of the festival for Gwen, and points out her fortress.  Kador meets up with them and leads them back towards the bake sale.  Possible Sparkle pony rides to make some more money at the bake sale.  We make 14 GP and 8 SP at the bake sale for the day.  We head out ot take on the task of the missing live stock.  This day somehow seems a bit duller than yesterday? We ponder it for a bit, but move on to talk with Nancy.  The livestock job is off the table.  We walk back out, and notice the buildings are starting to fray?  Elleanna finds the card in her pocket, and notices that it's starting to fray as well, leading her to believe that something is happening to ths dimension.  We decide to go back to see Gwen.  Elleanna tries to knock on the door, but her hand goes right through the door.  She walks right through into a bunch of nothingness.  We decide to tie rope one end of Kador and she goes in after Elleanna.  Argo is on the other side of the door holding on.  Kador and Elleanna hear each other in the nothingness, but Kador runs out of rope. Bob runs his hands along the walls of the fortress, and finds solid wall, but some holes.  He tries to call for Gwen, but his voice doesn't reach her.  Thom calls out, and gets a response.  She's awake. We hear knocking around the corner behind a part of the wall.  Jamie finds a hole in the wall and puts his staff through.  Elleanna and Kador see it, and walk towards it.  Elleanna is able to exit through the hole. Kador is not able, and is stuck in the nothingness.  We call out for Gwen, she's busy.. and then not there?  Elleanna runs her arm through a part of the wall, and Kador is able to see it. She tries to move towards it.  Kador is able to reah Elleanna.  Her legs and arms make it through the wall, but not her head?  She ducks and finds herself back on the other side.  Yay!  Argo is able to bust through the door?!  It's his shape!  We call out for Gwen, but no response.  There is smoke coming out from the forge, but the door is closed.  Elleanna reaches out for the door, and it's solid.  Argo starts to fall through the door, and manages to brace himself.  The door is a pull door (oops), but is locked.  Len recognizes it's a wooden door and proposes for Kador to flame arrow it.  The hinges are on the outside, and Bob and Argo try to take the hinges off, but are not successful.  We tie one end of the rope to the handle and all pull (tug-of-war with the door).  We're able to bring it down, but part of the door sinks into the floor, and we need to cut the rope.  We now have two ropes that are 48 feet long instead of 50.  It seems like we could fall through the floor; that it's not solid.  We see someone standing by the forge, possibly Gwen.  Kador thinks she might be able to lasso her.  She throws! And a miss… She loses the rope.  We have one 48 foot rope now.  Len starts to send Sparkles forward.  Sparkles starts to fall through the floor/ dimensional floor.  Len grabs Sparkles.  Jamie grabs the other end of Sparkles.  They start to fall into the floor.  Argo grabs hold of Jamie; they're still slipping.  Kador tries to grab hold.  Slipping.  Thom tries to pull Argo back, but isn't able to hold on.  Bob tries to pull Thom back, but has no strength.  Len is able to get a better grip on Sparkles, and starts moving back in the right direction.  Jamie is sliding into the pit.  Argo is sliding into the pit.  Pray for Sparkles! We try to retrieve Sparkles and the rope, but only get 9 feet of rope back.  Kero makes her way to the fortress, but while stepping across the floor she sinks in halfway. She pulls out a rope and parsnip to see if she can entice Sparkle back.  We don't get Sparkles back, but she does get the full rope and parsnip back.  Jamie and Elleanna pour water on the floor and find that it stays.  Argo suggests holding the magic card against it; nothing happens.  Argo suggests tapping it, and Elleanna offers the card up to Argo to do it himself. "Fuck no!"- Argo.  The expression on his eyebrowless face says that he knows he should not play with magical items… We find another door instead, and poke it with a stick.  We try to open it, but strength is not working.  Bob casts 'Open', and it swings forward. We fall through the door, but not through the floor. We see Gwen forging something; possibly a trident.  We inquire about it, and what we should do with the materials we collected.  She suggests that we leave.  She finishes the trident she is working on, puts it on a rack to cool, and exits.  The archway disappears behind her.  Len walks up to the forge to see if he maybe remembers how to forge things?  He walks right into the forge! But he's not burning? Kero follows… then Elleanna.  Our party one by one casually walks into the fire.  We end up on the other side in a forest.  The forge closes behind us.  Len/ Burrito calls for Sparkles.  This is a dense forest, and there is a river in the distance.  Burrito finds deer tracks.  We decide to bunk down, and take watches.  The night passes uneventfully.  We try to figure out our whereabouts.  Luckily Kero has some sailing experience, and is able to deduce some things from the stars.  We need to head West to get back to revive Giles, or to get to Gasso/ Dasso (sp?).  Kero remembers that there is a coastal town between the two, and we decide to head there.  It will be about a week and a half travel time.  We find some food and provisions the first day, and it sustains us for a bit. The first few days pass uneventfully.  The third night Kador and Burrito hear a rustling in the woods.  They investigate, and tromp a little bit after it.  The rustling stops.  Third watch takes over, and they also hear the rustling, but nothing ever comes of it.  We go about the next couple days, and then suddenly… goblins!  We kill them!  Elleanna loots the bodies, and finds some gold pieces and silver pieces.  Also gems- Azurite- 11 GP,  Malachite- 9 GP, Sardonyx 50 GP, a Masterwork Great Sword.  Oil of Light, Oil of Purify Food and Drink.  Potion of Protection from Good.  Potion of Shield of Faith.  Scroll of Sanctuary.   Total Party loot to date (per Bob's treasurer tally) = 336 Gold Pieces, 1,237.5 SP and whatever our gems and potions are worth.  Plus the value of the metals that Kero has.  

On the third watch the next night, we find a unicorn!  We sit with it for a while, and it eats some of Kero's offerings, then leaves.  We continue on and find a cocatriece (sp?).  It is flying overhead.  Next night on first watch, something charges through the clearing.  It is a giant mantis!  We fight it in rounds and kill it.  Argo and Kador manage to make delicious mantis steaks.  

We finally make it to the town. Kero gets some information from the barkeep, and finds out the next boat to Ander isn't for another 3 weeks.  She does find out that there is someone in the village that may be willing to part with their boat.  His name is George, and he's grumpy. He's not willing to negotiate, since it's nighttime.  We find a barn- they're willing to let us sleep there for 1 copper each for the night.  We go back in the morning.  George begrudgingly allows Kero to check out the boat.  It looks like it would do the job of getting us all to Ander.  He asks 8000 GP.  Kero isn't having it.  Argo asks if there is any type of work George needs done in exchange.  He says he needs a shipment delivered to Ander, and we're not allowed to ask questions about it.  We decide to do it, and he then proposes 450 GP to buy the boat.  He also makes a blood pact with Argo -we're not allowed to look into the crates, and the delivery must go as planned, or we die.  George says he needs two days in order to prepare the cargo for the shipment.  Argo decides to spy to make sure there is nothing too shady about the shipment.  They see George loading 11 crates onto the boat; nothing is too out of the ordinary.  

Mission: We need to deliver the goods to people of the Temple of Asdan.  They will come to the boat to pick up the cargo.  The delivery needs to go off without a hitch.  (George did not specify that they needed to live after the delivery was made)

Session 13
Maybe you have Triskaidekaphobia? That will be 5 cents please.

We make our way to the second shop and inquire about the costs of wares from the dwarven shop

keeper there. He is not impressed, and we cannot afford his metals. We attempt to make him a living

pie, but the tin only produces apple tarts (which are not alive OR regenerative, but are OBSCENELY

delicious). We decide to head back to Gwen’s to see what we’re able to forge from the metals we’ve

purchased so far. We arrive back, after an uneventful trip from the shops. Gwen is still asleep. Argo

pets the hair. We try to find materials to forge weapons, and decide to explore Gwen’s fortress. Argo

ventures down a hallway, and finds it is full of armor, some of which would fit him. Elleanna advises

against it, but Argo adds a mental note to ask Gwen about it later. However, he is compelled to try it on,

and it is wonderful and shiny. It has a magic aura (abjuration). We find a map! We decide to trek

around a bit. There is a human village, dwarven village, green field, and fey forest.

p.s. Brianne has- 4 Lbs Adamantium & 2 Lbs Glass Steel

We decide to go to the human village, and there is a festival in progress. It’s for Gwen! There are some

weapons for sale, people wandering, Arts & Crafts, and bards playing music. Stuart listens in on the

music for a bit, and decides to start playing. He does okay, and makes a bit of coin.

.1 automaton- 6 apple tarts

2 copper- 5 apple tarts

Grains of living steel & automaton- explode :::REROLL:::

4 apple tarts

We sell 9 tarts! 3.5 SP each! We sell 1 more tart!

We use more automaton (2 pieces) and get a rhubarb pie, and 4 small chocolate cakes.

1GP a piece for the chocolate cakes

Whole pie- 4GP (8 slices) 6” pie (there was an offer for 6GP for the whole pie)

Argo and Elleanna go check out the town board for possible jobs

Cows/ livestock are going missing, a second job is for house pets also going missing

There is a guard job for an actor

Elleanna goes to inquire (with Nancy) about the jobs for the missing animals

We sell 4 more tarts and 2 little chocolate cakes (made a platinum+ some silver so far)

We replenish stock- 4 apple tarts, and 3 more chocolate cakes

We sell 1 tart and 1 chocolate cake- (3.5 SP and 1 GP)

We sell the rest of our tarts- 3x 3.5 and our cakes (+3GP)

We make: 2 chocolate cakes, 1 apple tart, 6 apple tarts

1 pinch glass steel= 5 strawberry cakes (with strawberries and cream on top)- 3GP a piece??

1 pinch of adamantine= 25 shortbread cookies (minus 1 that Elleanna “steals”), and minus two given to

little girls that we made cry while asking about their missing pet.

We decide to sell the remaining shortbread cookies for 5SP a piece

We sell 1 choc cake, all tarts, all strawberry cakes, and 8 cookies

Kador realizes she a ranger! We can get on the missing animal detail because she can speak with


We make 6 lemon cookies, 5 apple tarts, 2 more lemon cookies, 3 chocolate cakes, 2 rhubarb pies

Sell: 1 rhubarb pie for 4 GP

All choc cakes

2 apple tarts

All lemon cookies

Sell 11 shortbread cookies

Total baked good sales = 35GP and 191.5 SP

We wake Gwen up. She has a candle-making class event that we all attend, along with the villagers that

signed up. Elleanna does well to make the dragon. Bob makes a wax ball…

We present Gwen the last rhubarb pie, and we all split it, and show her the ale that we sent back for


We decide to get the day going. Kador wants to check out some of Gwen’s armor.

Jamie notices that Gwen has a cylindrical tin on her. She explains that it’s her “never-ending cookie tin”.

Gwen like: Punching, Bricks, never-ending cookies, spikey books

We go back into town to tell Nancy that we’ll take the pet case. Citizens are offering 51 GP if we solve

the Mystery of the Missing Pets.

We wander into town and come upon a cat. Its tag reads “belongs to Suzy” and her address.

We find our way to Suzy’s, but we decide to let the cat roam and follow it around to see where it goes.

We follow it down into a sewer!

We try to stealth. It goes okay, until it doesn’t… clunk, splash, son of a bitch! Ouchies.

Kador spots something that takes us down a hall. We don’t notice much. Elleanna realizes it became

super quiet- no sewer noises, etc.

We were fired at by a crossbow arrow. Jamie turned around and saw a group of Drow. They say “die” in

Drow. Jamie tells us in common “they don’t like us”. They attempt to attack Jamie, but miss.

Argo hits one, and it dies. Bob hits one, and it dies. Drow hits Elleanna for 1 pt. Elleanna sets one on

fire. Drow hits Jamie. Bob gets an opportunity attack on one; it looks good (nat 20) and whiff (0

damage). Kador kills a Drow. Argo takes his swords and baseball bats the head of a Drow off, which hits

another Drow, and takes ITS head off, which then takes out two more.

Hopeless Drow and the Lost Kittens

Jamie punches THROUGH a Drow and pulls its heart out

We finally kill the last Drow, and LOOT the bodies!

We find gems- Crystal has totals, 26 platinum, 265 GP, 190 SP, and a scroll (shadow anchor-


We find Suzy’s cat in one of the bags (Alive!), but they also have animal bones in the other bags.

We stumble upon an alcove that appears to be the living area of the Drow. Kador finds a box with +20

platinum and 190 GP.

We take some animal remains, the collars, and Drow bits to show Nancy.

8GP total for lodging, which includes baths and dinner.

The night passes uneventfully. We bring our evidence for Nancy, and she provides us the reward of:

51 GP 230 SP 1200 CP- gems!

Masterwork Leather Armor- for humanoid

Magical items- 1 oil of erase, 2 oil of light, 1 scroll of divine favor, 1 scroll of protection from evil

Session 12
Curse You!

Stuff…. decided to go back to dungeon.

checked Alleria room(detect magic found room is glowing faintly blue), found nothing. moved to converted cthullu room(det mag show faint green glow). Upon entering, the exits sealed.

Kero used divine guidance and found something in hand of alleria on floor mural.

upon removal, whole party had to save against psi blast and holographic lady appeared.

Sonnorae, holographic lady from mural of Alleria in converted cthullu room.  She has a very melodic voice.

She offered the party a tool to assist us in gaining strength, but the tool was not to be used lightly, not for the faint of heart, and use it with caution.  The tool that was given was an ornate deck of cards bound in a leather strap with a fancy picture of the goddess alleria on their back.

once the deck was given to kero, she disappeared and the room unsealed

Elleanna casts detect magic, and is temporarily blinded (like staring into a mini sun).  The cards are bound by a leather cord.  The backs of the cards are ornate, with the goddess of Aleria.  There is a card with a wanderer and books. The tool she provided (cards) is not to be used lightly, not by the faint of heart.


We go to another room in the dungeon (#4), and find a ladder leading up to a catwalk with something inscribed on the north wall.  No one is able to decipher the language upon immediately seeing the wall.   There are construction materials strewn about the catwalk.  Kero casts comprehend languages, and the inscriptions on the wall read “left, straight, right”.  Elleanna finds a magic glowing brick.  Bob finds a blueprint for a weaponized book cover.  We head out to the left, through the archway into one of the doors and enter the next room.  It’s not magical, and there is rubble (since the ceiling collapsed) and a ladder.  We carry on to room 8.  Our trip there is uneventful.  There are no new bodies, and no fresh blood there.  There is a set of stairs.  Kador leads the way down to a door, and attempts to “detect traps”.  Kador opens the door, and it leads to a brick wall.  Argo is going to attempt to break through the wall.  It doesn’t work.  The brick wall is immovable, and it doesn’t seem to be hollow behind the wall.  Kador sets the door and room on fire.  It gets smoky in the hallway, but nothing happens to the door.  We go up the stairs to check on the room where we once heard muffled voices to check it out. We hear slithering as we’re walking down the hallway.  It’s a snake.  :::Roll initiative!:::

It is a venomous snake! More snakes- There are two snakes! More are coming…

Bob tries to throw his staff, but in the narrowness of the hallway ends up hitting Kero.  Elleanna tries to flame it, but it resists.  Kador goes at it with a dagger, and hits with one of her attacks, doing some damage.  Kador hits again for a bit more damage.  Stewart hits one by Argo with a dagger, and kills that snake. Bob throws his staff at one of the other snakes that is already badly injured and inflicts slight damage- it dies.  Kero uses a touch attack against another and hits, does a bit of damage. Elleanna uses ray of frost, and inflicts a little more damage.  Jamie goes up and punches the snake, it dies…

Our party skins the snakes and harvests some venom (Bob borrows a vile from Elleanna).  We get to the door, covered in snake guts, and still hear voices on the other side.  Argo goes towards the door to try to force it open.  It is locked.  Someone on the other side pulls it back closed and locks it.  Elleanna throws the brick against the door; it hits and returns to her hand (boomerang brick!). Jamie throws against the door, the handle falls off.  Argo throws against the door, and keeps going, and going, and going.  Eventually the faceplate falls off, and destroys the magical component.  Argo takes major damage, and all his clothes (and any items that are not metal) poof, except his chainmail, which is burning into his skin.  He passes out. 

The door is still locked…

We cast light on a dagger and slide it under the door, along with another dagger to look around.  We see a key hanging firmly on a ring on a belt. 

We are unsuccessful in opening the door.  We rest in the dungeon and exit, ending back up in the basement of the brothel.  We go back to Kero’s house and rest.  Argo gathers some items that he lost in the great magical ka-boom.

Elleanna pulls out the tarot deck to check out the cards.  She shuffles them and finds the suits to be:

Keys, Hammers, Stars, Shields, Books, Crowns

We are transported to a different place, and it triggers a memory:

“Sonnorae is from a Verisian family that wants to preserve lore during an age of darkness”.

Wanderer was under the book suit

We appear to be in a fortress.  There is a woman sitting on a dias (?) She is wearing chainmail, and has tons of weapons.  She looks incredibly strong, and has a brick on her hip in a holster.  She is a human, with blue hair.  Her name is Gwen Azure! (she has no eyebrows).

She notes that we’re lacking beer and weapons.

We had a little bit of food, and then get into a drinking competition.  Half the party passes out at the first round.  Then everyone but Jamie drops on the second round.  Jamie finally succumbs in the third round.  We all wake up in the morning in individual quarters, all with massive hangovers (except Jamie).

Gwen meets us in the morning for breakfast (leftover Boar from the previous night’s dinner).  Gwen walks us down a couple sets of stairs into a giant forge, with a 40 foot heat source, giant set of bellows.  She asks Argo to push the bellows. Jamie also attempts to push the bellows, but both are lacking strength.  Gwen is able with one arm.  She advises that we are lacking strength.

In the meantime, she asks us to recount our story to figure out why we are here.  Jamie gives a background of our travels thus far.

Stewart tries to seduce her…?

She has a dish with images of deities.  She is swirling coins around in the dish.

She goes into a deep trance.. 12 hours pass, the fortress is devoid of food / beer, etc.  The fire has gone out.  Kador and Kero get the fire going again.  Gwen is still in a deep trance.  We attempt to wake her with various distractions (touching the brick, scent of baked goods, Stewart fainted)…

We try adding another coin to the dish.

We think of various things to do (some stupid). We decide to wait until morning.  “Okay, I will wait to do something stupid till morning”- Elleanna

Elleanna attempts to wake Gwen; it doesn’t work.  Argo decides he will flip the coin dish out of her hands.  It does not go well…

Kero throws a coin into the dish, and gets sucked into Gwen’s brain! The rest of the party sees her go into a deep trance.  Gwen welcomes her to her brain, and Kero feels the need to cower, so she cowers…

Other members of the party attempt to throw a coin in to join; Stewart ends up making it, and joins Kero in Gwen’s brain.  No one else is able to join.  There is now a protective glow around the three: Gwen, Kero, and Stewart.  He sees figures that possibly look like deities in the distance. They are the deities that Gwen worships, which are on a separate plane, so we are not familiar with them.

Gwen says she thinks she knows what we need to do, and they break the trance and come back to the rest of the party waiting in the room.  Gwen says that we need to gather materials from the dwarves in the East.  She only specifies that we need to gather the best materials from the dwarves; they have some sort of metallic crystal.  Gwen tells us to go, and then passes out…

We sleep at the fortress for the night.  We wake, but there is still no food, as Gwen is unconscious.

We attempt to move Gwen.  Jamie and Kero do okay.  We end up touching Gwen’s head, and find that her hairpiece is alive! Kador does a nature check, and finds that it is not natural.  Gwen’s hair tries to follow Stewart out…

Kero tries to reason with it, to persuade it to stay with Gwen.  It then suctions to Argo’s head (after he said “you can sit on my head”), and forms into eyebrows.

Elleanna uses “magic device” and finds out how to move the hair.  Now it’s stuck to her hand, and then manages to coax the hair back onto Gwen’s head.

We set off to the dwarves, and after a few days we make it to the dwarves unscathed.  We come up to a large gate.  There are dwarven guards, but the gate is open, and people come and go. 

Kero speaks with the dwarven guard, and finds out that we need to go to the North side of the mountain for the mine and materials we are looking for.

Dwarf guards beard charisma is… sexy.

1st level – market of gemstones etc, possible diamond dust

4th level down we might find Master Raglor (sp?) who is one of the best in his craft

There is lots of jewelry in the market, gemstones, shops for food, and a plethora of beer stores. 

Argo asks if we should ask where the best beer is.  (Crystal/ Elleanna “do you want to start a fight?”)

We attempt to pick out a beer for Gwen- Stewart asks for a sample shot of dark stout, takes a small sample shot from the shop owner, and promptly passes out.  (He learns a valuable lesson—do not fuck with Dwarven Ale, it’s potent stuff).  The remaining awake party members ask the shop owner if he knows Gwen Azure, and her preference for ale? He pulls out a flask/ skin, and suggests it.

It is 36 GP for beer, 4 for delivery.  Elleanna covers the cost, and a runner is sent to deliver to Gwen on the party’s behalf.

We begin to browse for gems, and to possibly find diamond dust.  Stewart begins to ask around.  He finds a female dwarf and she points him in the right direction to the Sparkly Badger (while hitting on Stewart).

He ask about the costs of diamond dust here.

Session 11
Your party has encountered wandering adventurers... What do you do?

"It's dangerous to go alone…TAKE THIS!"

 Steward: "She wants to kill him and i'm trying to talk her down to just big mutilation,"

Elleanna received a note: We are coming for your family. regards, WW

She blurts out that she believes that it's Windwood and that we need to go kill him. Everyone just kinda goes with it before actually asking why she's saying this now. Elleanna shows off the note.

"Where do we start ? The brothel." "Going to look for the cousin that we saw in the Temple of Death in the Brothel? Yes."

"Guys we need to do something so we can introduce these guys. Go to the brothel,"

Steward sets up to start his gig in the brothel: does a good job. Def better than his jail song.  

Kador: There's this mosaic up on the second floor that just calls to me.

It's a mosaic of the Goddess of Love, she's holding a staff with a globe on top of it. The globe looks like it's snowing in the mosaic. Everyone keeps on trying to see the into the snowglobe easier. 

"Can we ask Ethreal to become the divine mallet?"  :  Kador

"Kador, why don't you just shoot a flaming arrow at it"  :  Elleanna

Jamie pulls out the snow globe from the mosaic. Elleanna tries to break it by just dropping and all it does is bounce on the ground. We see some people and a pony. The pony is grey, his name is Sparkles. Kero drops it onto the flagstone and it breaks open to reveal 2 guys and a pony. One average (5'11'') and one short (4'11'') and the pony is 11 hands tall.

Len is the short one and Thom is the average one. They don't seem to remember anything other than their names. We decide to take them back to Kero's home to feed and water them. Kero explains that we were looking for Dickassiness (windwood). recap of some background

Len drinks from the Ethreal mug and feels happy n nauseous.

Pony is male, stallion. Good disposition

Finally gets around to introductions

We go to the temple of Aleria to see if anyone recognizes Thom and Zen. Meet up with the head priest. He doesn't recognize Thom or Zen, but knows Jamie, Kero Bob, Steward, Kador, Giles.

Priest starts questioning why they are here and why is Ethreal in this plane? He is legend. Looks at Jamie's and Steward's scars; asks how they got it.

Elleanna is once again sick according to the priest. The priest went to take Ethreal and once he has it the priest disappears. A note: We will succeed at this. WW

Finds the real priest in his office, dead. Looks through the paperwork and finds stuff on Len. Kero goes down to get someone and let them know about the priest's death. 

The lady to take care of the dead priest recognizes Thom and Len (now Bhertio). Thom is a priest and Len is a Paladin. Bhertio (Tio), apparently has a sister and should go see her. Thom has a wife.

Priestess to Thom: "How's your wife?"
Thom: "I have a wife?"

Asking the priestess about Efrill and the amulet.

The amulet is similar to the staff of the favored: it can change shape.  last she knew it was taken off plane to hell. The amulet of the sacred cure named arwen.

Session 10
(Or There and fun again!

Gabe broke before game even started: all the laughing and snorting.

Elleanna woke up, as did the rest of the party.

Kero started asking her dad on what happened: how did they get him for embezzlement, how did mom get sick, what happened?!?!?!? 

20 minutes later: "Daddy, I know to use protection,"

20 more minutes later: Dad didn't do anything (no shit). A month ago accounts running dry and tried to figure out who was doing it and got too close. Ended up in prison and then in the dungeon. Didn't know about his wife being sick, but was glad that she was better and that Kero was good. We updated him on what was going on as well.

Knew that the sister was married off to the dwarves (Father approved of it). Brother sent off on a trade route, but need to get him back…alive most preferred. Father fears that they would send the brother off on the most dangerous route.

Intermission due to technical issues*

Funds started disappearing about the same time as the change of the council members. Needs to find out who is doing this embezzlement, where the old council members are (if still alive) and clear Kero's and Stew's Fathers name. The three prisoners are going to tag a long incase they notice and recognize anything. 

Father's feelings on Brima: Feels like she gets a bad rap because of her mother. Numbers don't add up they take it out on her, but she was with them (prisoners). But she could be a plant, but she could also be leverage against her mother.

Brima's story: Her and her mother was out one day, went to church of Azden (God of Death). Not so much that they believe in it, but more that it's what is 'required'. She could see herself as being used for leverage specially since she has access to all the books. (Sense Motive – We figure this is Truth: Not believing in Azden and that she's being used for leverage)

Kador: "I will follow cuz I'm a Scout"

Continued on through the dungeon. As we neared the archway we hear heavy footsteps.

Kador: "Can I shoot a flaming arrow? Well, it's either that or I sense motive on the footsteps"

Kador shoots an arrow and you can hear the footsteps walk quickly away from the arrow. Kador sneaks into the room and spots 2 creatures in the far part of the room. Humanoid with scaly skins…resemble lizards. (Massive yellow fangs and a big mouth) They may be Troglodites.

FYI: They can spew a cone of rocks from their mouths. 

Kero walked in and greeted them…took 10 dmg.

Intermission due to paper misplacement

We fight the lizard peeps. Brima steals a dagger from Giles and throws it and does decent dmg against one of the lizards. Elleanna set one of the lizard's pants on fire, he took them off got hit by a dagger and died. Elleanna set the other pants on fire as well, and took a dagger through the head and died.

The monstrous faces are Fenris Kul: Deity of madmen, fanatics and terrorists. Battleaxe is his weapon and symbol is 2 flaming knives. Evil Deity. The symbol at the end we think is connected to Fenris.

Headed onwards through the hall (after a mass looking to see if there was a hidden passage). 

Walked the hallway and came upon stairs that lead up and found a nice looking door. Giles looked at the door and didn't detact traps (nat 20), listen through the door and hears voices – a couple of people and just mumbles - no actual words (19), he looks through the keyhole (18) but couldn't really see anything due to something blocking it. He unlocks the door.  (This is why we let Giles open doors)

We went back towards Kero's house with everyone cuz the three wanna get out of the dungeon. Giles get shot at from the trap. It led us to a new tunnel, we decided to try and reset the tunnel. Kero is thinking: "I wanna go home. I wanna be safe. I wanna go home. I wanna be safe" Her eyes flicker blue during this thought process.

We head back down the tunnel but it stayed the new tunnel (not the one heading to Kero's house). Wind up in a basement of a store. There's goods, cleaning supplies, very nice looking/fancy and cleaner.

It's an apothecary we wound up in. We blend into the milling crowd to not make it obvious we just came from the basement. Kero went to look at the cooking spices, healing herbs. We are in the Arcane Square of the Town. Building of nice posh marble, nice wooden door, kinda the shabbier store in the area but still very nice. Name of store: The Griffin's Apothecary

Brima leaves and when we went to follow her out of the shop we couldn't see her. We are down 15gp (most likely cuz of Brima). We decide to go observe Brima's home to see what goes on. Kero disguise her dad and looks like a leper (go Giles). Giles also disguises Steward's dad and the two head out back to Kero's home.

Gave Kero's dad 2,390 copper pieces to help pay the staff's wages.

Head off to Brima's estate: it is burnt down. At least a fortnight ago the burning happened. 

Dave starts talking in falsetto: breaks Gabe (once again)

Kero pouts and decides to be sulky for a moment: Done and Done.

It was late evening and decided to head back to Kero's house. Kero's Dad and Mom, Steward's Dad and brother are all gone. Kero's dad packed them all up and escorted them out cuz they feared for their lives (go figure). Used the rest of our Lizard findings to pay up the Head Butler his wages and to go and help cover the other up-keeping of the house till we clear the father's name. 

Kero's father left her a note: The four of 'em left to head back to Elleanna's home to seek sanctuary. 

Gabe: "I like licking things too"

Kero sends off a note to forewarn the King. We called it a night and we stopped the session. Board games or movie to happen.

Session 9

Entered room that we were outside of at the beginning of last session.  Ceiling had a mural with the God of Death, and a balcony on the South Wall.  Floor was made of square tiles, alternating black and white.  Suddenly… :::RATS::: , Giles exclaimed "Damn!" to first bite.  Combat.  We killed rats, they gave us monies.  We rested outside of the gory rat room, and came back in to scope out the balcony.  We came back into the room with rats bodies in generally the same area, and someone/ something shouting "I RIGHT!", and nommed on rat bodies.  Kador shot rat kebob at it.  "Trump Troll" came down into the midst of party members. We hit it hard, but it persisted and healed. Then Jamie stunned it, and we fired it (You're Fired!).  It burned and melted.  We found a Masterwork Wooden Shield (x 2) and a Potion of Remove Fear (Elleana), 20 GP, 199 SP, and 734 CP.  We exited the room through the South Door, and ran into a bit of a block.  :::RATS AGAIN!!:::  We kill more rats, but no coinage :(   We enter the room and see a wall with random glyphs and another mural on the ceiling.  Elleana looks at the wall and falls into a trance.  She is unreachable.  Bob tries to read the weird glyphs and trances, too.  It feels like crawling in the brain.  Eep.  Argo touches the wall and joins the Trance Party.  Kero tries to pry Argo away from the wall, but the trance transfers to her as well.  We pray, and sing "the song that gets on everybody's nerves", but nothing kicks the crawling sensation from our brains.  Bob dazes himself, and Jamie tosses water on him; he comes to.  Elleana goes blue, and suddenly the wall glyphs change, and the mural morphs into Aleria (sp?).  Elleana channeled help from Ethril (sp?), and managed to realign the symbols and mural.  We are no longer tranced, but her eyes retain exceptional flickers of blue when emotions are high.

After a 'night' of sleep we headed back to the Trump room and headed North through the hallway. Came up to a jail like room with 3 people (2 males 1 female) chained up. Giles is able to unlock the door and we go in to try and get them down.

One is Kero's father (she said 'yay daddy') and he is greatly injured, skin peeling off, obviously been tortured, etc. etc. Second male is Steward's dad and the female is named Brima.

Brima: human, rough in appearence, grey hair and brown eyes. Giles might know her but wasn't going to say anything in front of her (Brima).

Kador has a D cup. We were reminded of this whilst giving fresh clothes to the peeps. We disguise…nothing…something…to replace the three. We did well enough to fool someone if one was to stand at the door. Elleanna found a map of the surrounding area of the dungeon. Talking amongst ourselves then Kero went: "Dude dad, what happened?"  (back to the goddess room, blue  one)

Lady Brima (brima) is the daughter of the accountant (Lady Brima Sr, now known as LBS) as leverage as LBS is the accountant and knows about the embezzlement?? Kero doesn't trust brima and what she's saying. 

Feed 'em with that nutrition box??whateveritis. Got 5 nice hot apple pastries to give 'em to eat. Used 1lb of ankle bitter thing for it.

Session 8

in the beginning…. we went to prison. Bree's character went to ask about her father dressed as a lower order class person(not dressed up actually, just carrying all the stuff). found out her dad was released four days prior to the visit. While visiting the supervisor of the guards, party members had to strip of all weapons. giles pulled out about 7 hidden daggers (check in to this later). Supervisor said that four days prior the father was 'collected' by council member Raider along with all personal affects. 

Stuart visited the cell the father was in, wrote the worst song in the world(smelled bad and saw nothing). supervisor questions his artistic capabilities.

After leaving the office, giles acquired all of his daggers back with extra. (Bree now has just a plain ordinary dagger)

Stuart is going to the town council to ask for more information. Went back to the fat shepard to see if anyone knew where Councilman Raider lives. We all pitched in to disguiseing Bree. We did a kick-ass job. :D

Giles was originally in the party to protect her highness, the royal princess of death, elleanna.

Giles stated that he believes the note about the father being kidnapped belongs to/originates from elleanna's family.

Kero and Giles(Now known as Logan) disguised themselves and headed to the evil temple of death. While there, they noticed prince dick assiness wynwood sitting and discussing something with the head clergy.

Kador and Bob decided to 'discretely' follow the above two by appearing to be on a date through town.

 Meanwhile in the bar… rustling was heard in the basement. After much discussion and commotion and confusing of the bartender… Stuart made a chair glow, and most of the party stealthed in to the basement, Elleanna dragged the glowing chair down totally not stealthy.  Turns out the rustling was a miniture purple sheep(probably magical) that appears to have adopted Stuart as a protecter/mother(for the moment!).  Everyone is in awe and just wants to hug/pet/cuddle the sheep.

Back to the temple of death… : Kero overheard some of elleannas cousins talking to the clergy about price fixing on a trade route that kero's family was involved in. 

(stuff to be filled in here)


Sheep was named Amaranth.  Was found out she is magical and good ligned.


After a weird night of sleeping (wierd due to Argo), in the morning we had breakfast, fed the sheep some cabbage and decided to follow its footprints back through the basement tunnel. Kador is able to track its hoofprints.

After approaching a t-junction in the tunnel, we realise that it is the exact same tunnel as we saw in the basement of Kero's family house. The sheeps tracks disappeared. we verified the right side bugbear room was still empty. we went left, and after about 10 feet we encountered a sudden pit trap about ten feet long. after some 'interesting' acrobatic manuevers involving some falling and climibg and a piece of rope. 

After making it down the hallway, we arrive in a torture chamber that contains fresh blood. (see map elsewhere)

the next room north of torture chamber

written in blood on the west wall of the first room around the corner in the hallway of withered corpses we saw "When north becomes south and the blade of knowledge is reforged the emerald citadel shall be found" the north and east walls are covered in black crystals.

the next room was a larger room with dead orcs covering the floor.  the entire floor was a mural depicting the goddess aleria (the maker of the staff).

large room up north had mural on ceiling of god of death(room is dotted on map)




Session 7:

we did the stuff with the other stuff and the things <3

We got a map that mysteriously appeared

Bree's dad is in jail (now supposed kidnapped), mom was sick (we healed her ass), brother off on trading thing, sister married off to dwarves. 

Kevin's steward was kidnapped, mom killed, little brother sent to live with bree's mom. 

we keep on getting hit with darts in the ass

Basement of bree's house is magical (like the wizard's room) but only when we are alone. There was a tunnel leading back into town. We fought an ugly ass monster (forgot what it was). Bree paritally paid the steward some backpay

Got note that said ??give up the property and marriage and leave?

Dart is from assassin guild and has the mark of the God of Death on 'em. Other known entrance we think we know is in the inn we…inherited. The ?Dwarves? took it over and got some minions to run it. Another tunnel from the brothel…if it's connected to the inn as well, not sure.

Bree is broke af

All documents n stuff…everything…was taken. everything is not awesome

Me n Bree got healed….good chance of being re-infected cuz we don't know shit about this plague. Yay~

Guess divine curing does not produce antibodies 

Notes done by Steve n Crystal.  Previous session notes will be done at a later time. aka when we feel like it <3


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