The City of Swords

Session 10
(Or There and fun again!

Gabe broke before game even started: all the laughing and snorting.

Elleanna woke up, as did the rest of the party.

Kero started asking her dad on what happened: how did they get him for embezzlement, how did mom get sick, what happened?!?!?!? 

20 minutes later: "Daddy, I know to use protection,"

20 more minutes later: Dad didn't do anything (no shit). A month ago accounts running dry and tried to figure out who was doing it and got too close. Ended up in prison and then in the dungeon. Didn't know about his wife being sick, but was glad that she was better and that Kero was good. We updated him on what was going on as well.

Knew that the sister was married off to the dwarves (Father approved of it). Brother sent off on a trade route, but need to get him back…alive most preferred. Father fears that they would send the brother off on the most dangerous route.

Intermission due to technical issues*

Funds started disappearing about the same time as the change of the council members. Needs to find out who is doing this embezzlement, where the old council members are (if still alive) and clear Kero's and Stew's Fathers name. The three prisoners are going to tag a long incase they notice and recognize anything. 

Father's feelings on Brima: Feels like she gets a bad rap because of her mother. Numbers don't add up they take it out on her, but she was with them (prisoners). But she could be a plant, but she could also be leverage against her mother.

Brima's story: Her and her mother was out one day, went to church of Azden (God of Death). Not so much that they believe in it, but more that it's what is 'required'. She could see herself as being used for leverage specially since she has access to all the books. (Sense Motive – We figure this is Truth: Not believing in Azden and that she's being used for leverage)

Kador: "I will follow cuz I'm a Scout"

Continued on through the dungeon. As we neared the archway we hear heavy footsteps.

Kador: "Can I shoot a flaming arrow? Well, it's either that or I sense motive on the footsteps"

Kador shoots an arrow and you can hear the footsteps walk quickly away from the arrow. Kador sneaks into the room and spots 2 creatures in the far part of the room. Humanoid with scaly skins…resemble lizards. (Massive yellow fangs and a big mouth) They may be Troglodites.

FYI: They can spew a cone of rocks from their mouths. 

Kero walked in and greeted them…took 10 dmg.

Intermission due to paper misplacement

We fight the lizard peeps. Brima steals a dagger from Giles and throws it and does decent dmg against one of the lizards. Elleanna set one of the lizard's pants on fire, he took them off got hit by a dagger and died. Elleanna set the other pants on fire as well, and took a dagger through the head and died.

The monstrous faces are Fenris Kul: Deity of madmen, fanatics and terrorists. Battleaxe is his weapon and symbol is 2 flaming knives. Evil Deity. The symbol at the end we think is connected to Fenris.

Headed onwards through the hall (after a mass looking to see if there was a hidden passage). 

Walked the hallway and came upon stairs that lead up and found a nice looking door. Giles looked at the door and didn't detact traps (nat 20), listen through the door and hears voices – a couple of people and just mumbles - no actual words (19), he looks through the keyhole (18) but couldn't really see anything due to something blocking it. He unlocks the door.  (This is why we let Giles open doors)

We went back towards Kero's house with everyone cuz the three wanna get out of the dungeon. Giles get shot at from the trap. It led us to a new tunnel, we decided to try and reset the tunnel. Kero is thinking: "I wanna go home. I wanna be safe. I wanna go home. I wanna be safe" Her eyes flicker blue during this thought process.

We head back down the tunnel but it stayed the new tunnel (not the one heading to Kero's house). Wind up in a basement of a store. There's goods, cleaning supplies, very nice looking/fancy and cleaner.

It's an apothecary we wound up in. We blend into the milling crowd to not make it obvious we just came from the basement. Kero went to look at the cooking spices, healing herbs. We are in the Arcane Square of the Town. Building of nice posh marble, nice wooden door, kinda the shabbier store in the area but still very nice. Name of store: The Griffin's Apothecary

Brima leaves and when we went to follow her out of the shop we couldn't see her. We are down 15gp (most likely cuz of Brima). We decide to go observe Brima's home to see what goes on. Kero disguise her dad and looks like a leper (go Giles). Giles also disguises Steward's dad and the two head out back to Kero's home.

Gave Kero's dad 2,390 copper pieces to help pay the staff's wages.

Head off to Brima's estate: it is burnt down. At least a fortnight ago the burning happened. 

Dave starts talking in falsetto: breaks Gabe (once again)

Kero pouts and decides to be sulky for a moment: Done and Done.

It was late evening and decided to head back to Kero's house. Kero's Dad and Mom, Steward's Dad and brother are all gone. Kero's dad packed them all up and escorted them out cuz they feared for their lives (go figure). Used the rest of our Lizard findings to pay up the Head Butler his wages and to go and help cover the other up-keeping of the house till we clear the father's name. 

Kero's father left her a note: The four of 'em left to head back to Elleanna's home to seek sanctuary. 

Gabe: "I like licking things too"

Kero sends off a note to forewarn the King. We called it a night and we stopped the session. Board games or movie to happen.

Session 9

Entered room that we were outside of at the beginning of last session.  Ceiling had a mural with the God of Death, and a balcony on the South Wall.  Floor was made of square tiles, alternating black and white.  Suddenly… :::RATS::: , Giles exclaimed "Damn!" to first bite.  Combat.  We killed rats, they gave us monies.  We rested outside of the gory rat room, and came back in to scope out the balcony.  We came back into the room with rats bodies in generally the same area, and someone/ something shouting "I RIGHT!", and nommed on rat bodies.  Kador shot rat kebob at it.  "Trump Troll" came down into the midst of party members. We hit it hard, but it persisted and healed. Then Jamie stunned it, and we fired it (You're Fired!).  It burned and melted.  We found a Masterwork Wooden Shield (x 2) and a Potion of Remove Fear (Elleana), 20 GP, 199 SP, and 734 CP.  We exited the room through the South Door, and ran into a bit of a block.  :::RATS AGAIN!!:::  We kill more rats, but no coinage :(   We enter the room and see a wall with random glyphs and another mural on the ceiling.  Elleana looks at the wall and falls into a trance.  She is unreachable.  Bob tries to read the weird glyphs and trances, too.  It feels like crawling in the brain.  Eep.  Argo touches the wall and joins the Trance Party.  Kero tries to pry Argo away from the wall, but the trance transfers to her as well.  We pray, and sing "the song that gets on everybody's nerves", but nothing kicks the crawling sensation from our brains.  Bob dazes himself, and Jamie tosses water on him; he comes to.  Elleana goes blue, and suddenly the wall glyphs change, and the mural morphs into Aleria (sp?).  Elleana channeled help from Ethril (sp?), and managed to realign the symbols and mural.  We are no longer tranced, but her eyes retain exceptional flickers of blue when emotions are high.

After a 'night' of sleep we headed back to the Trump room and headed North through the hallway. Came up to a jail like room with 3 people (2 males 1 female) chained up. Giles is able to unlock the door and we go in to try and get them down.

One is Kero's father (she said 'yay daddy') and he is greatly injured, skin peeling off, obviously been tortured, etc. etc. Second male is Steward's dad and the female is named Brima.

Brima: human, rough in appearence, grey hair and brown eyes. Giles might know her but wasn't going to say anything in front of her (Brima).

Kador has a D cup. We were reminded of this whilst giving fresh clothes to the peeps. We disguise…nothing…something…to replace the three. We did well enough to fool someone if one was to stand at the door. Elleanna found a map of the surrounding area of the dungeon. Talking amongst ourselves then Kero went: "Dude dad, what happened?"  (back to the goddess room, blue  one)

Lady Brima (brima) is the daughter of the accountant (Lady Brima Sr, now known as LBS) as leverage as LBS is the accountant and knows about the embezzlement?? Kero doesn't trust brima and what she's saying. 

Feed 'em with that nutrition box??whateveritis. Got 5 nice hot apple pastries to give 'em to eat. Used 1lb of ankle bitter thing for it.

Session 8

in the beginning…. we went to prison. Bree's character went to ask about her father dressed as a lower order class person(not dressed up actually, just carrying all the stuff). found out her dad was released four days prior to the visit. While visiting the supervisor of the guards, party members had to strip of all weapons. giles pulled out about 7 hidden daggers (check in to this later). Supervisor said that four days prior the father was 'collected' by council member Raider along with all personal affects. 

Stuart visited the cell the father was in, wrote the worst song in the world(smelled bad and saw nothing). supervisor questions his artistic capabilities.

After leaving the office, giles acquired all of his daggers back with extra. (Bree now has just a plain ordinary dagger)

Stuart is going to the town council to ask for more information. Went back to the fat shepard to see if anyone knew where Councilman Raider lives. We all pitched in to disguiseing Bree. We did a kick-ass job. :D

Giles was originally in the party to protect her highness, the royal princess of death, elleanna.

Giles stated that he believes the note about the father being kidnapped belongs to/originates from elleanna's family.

Kero and Giles(Now known as Logan) disguised themselves and headed to the evil temple of death. While there, they noticed prince dick assiness wynwood sitting and discussing something with the head clergy.

Kador and Bob decided to 'discretely' follow the above two by appearing to be on a date through town.

 Meanwhile in the bar… rustling was heard in the basement. After much discussion and commotion and confusing of the bartender… Stuart made a chair glow, and most of the party stealthed in to the basement, Elleanna dragged the glowing chair down totally not stealthy.  Turns out the rustling was a miniture purple sheep(probably magical) that appears to have adopted Stuart as a protecter/mother(for the moment!).  Everyone is in awe and just wants to hug/pet/cuddle the sheep.

Back to the temple of death… : Kero overheard some of elleannas cousins talking to the clergy about price fixing on a trade route that kero's family was involved in. 

(stuff to be filled in here)


Sheep was named Amaranth.  Was found out she is magical and good ligned.


After a weird night of sleeping (wierd due to Argo), in the morning we had breakfast, fed the sheep some cabbage and decided to follow its footprints back through the basement tunnel. Kador is able to track its hoofprints.

After approaching a t-junction in the tunnel, we realise that it is the exact same tunnel as we saw in the basement of Kero's family house. The sheeps tracks disappeared. we verified the right side bugbear room was still empty. we went left, and after about 10 feet we encountered a sudden pit trap about ten feet long. after some 'interesting' acrobatic manuevers involving some falling and climibg and a piece of rope. 

After making it down the hallway, we arrive in a torture chamber that contains fresh blood. (see map elsewhere)

the next room north of torture chamber

written in blood on the west wall of the first room around the corner in the hallway of withered corpses we saw "When north becomes south and the blade of knowledge is reforged the emerald citadel shall be found" the north and east walls are covered in black crystals.

the next room was a larger room with dead orcs covering the floor.  the entire floor was a mural depicting the goddess aleria (the maker of the staff).

large room up north had mural on ceiling of god of death(room is dotted on map)




Session 7:

we did the stuff with the other stuff and the things <3

We got a map that mysteriously appeared

Bree's dad is in jail (now supposed kidnapped), mom was sick (we healed her ass), brother off on trading thing, sister married off to dwarves. 

Kevin's steward was kidnapped, mom killed, little brother sent to live with bree's mom. 

we keep on getting hit with darts in the ass

Basement of bree's house is magical (like the wizard's room) but only when we are alone. There was a tunnel leading back into town. We fought an ugly ass monster (forgot what it was). Bree paritally paid the steward some backpay

Got note that said ??give up the property and marriage and leave?

Dart is from assassin guild and has the mark of the God of Death on 'em. Other known entrance we think we know is in the inn we…inherited. The ?Dwarves? took it over and got some minions to run it. Another tunnel from the brothel…if it's connected to the inn as well, not sure.

Bree is broke af

All documents n stuff…everything…was taken. everything is not awesome

Me n Bree got healed….good chance of being re-infected cuz we don't know shit about this plague. Yay~

Guess divine curing does not produce antibodies 

Notes done by Steve n Crystal.  Previous session notes will be done at a later time. aka when we feel like it <3

Session 6: Gaming to the new year!!

Please update this section!!

Session 5
Into the Woods
  • Parked the boat on the side of the river. It was damaged due to battle / fire
  • Party worked on gathering wood to help with boat repairs
  • Occasionally, a golden disk would fly overhead, that would make whirring noises. There would be an eyeball in the disk.

    • After the first couple of sightings, Kador tried, unsuccessfully, to shoot one with an arrow.
  • In an attempt to collect some more provisions, Kador and Giles searched the forest. They wandered into a glade of bounty, where they brought down a deer, and Giles was able to pick up a family of rabbits with a singular arrow. There was also a large variety of berries that people picked. Others helped bring the bounty back to camp / the boat.
  • When the boat set off, Jamie (Steve), Kador (Dave), and one other worked to help raise the gate, that the Orcs had put across the river, to prevent our boat from going through. This completed successfully, and all three jumped off of the top of the winch / grate in order to land on the boat. Jamie kindly provided feather falls to his two companions, so they wouldn't pancake on the boat.
Session 4

We were locked in a room. There was a cauldron of pretty good tasting stew in the corner. The stew appeared to be enchanted, in that the cauldron didn’t get lower however much stew we removed.

We heard yelling from a wall. Eventually we found a book / trap door with a person chained up, and they had wasted away enough that they were able to slip out of their restraints.

After much discussion / trying to find a way out, we knocked on the door. A guard at the door asked us to wait a minute, and then gathered more guards to see us to a tower room, along with some food and baths, clothes, etc.

Later that evening, we were at a banquet for the king and queen. We were celebrating the return of their daughter, Aliana. After the banquet, we talked to the King / Queen, and found out that we were all on a quest together, looking for a cure for the plague that Aliana has. Where the nausea is a symptom of one of the later stages.

We tried to go back to the room where we emerged from the snow globes, but on the trip back, there were no snowglobes. It looked like a library instead. It was the library / office of the head wizard of the land. The person we had seen when we entered the room initially, was an apprentice of the head wizard.

We talked to a secondary wizard, who directed us to find a pillar or totem that might help us to cure Elleanna. The pillar is in control of another faction that we are not friendly with.

We set out in a boat, and were ambushed by orcs along the way. We got injured, but survived the long-distance encounter. We had just anchored the boat, and set up camp when our session ended.

Session 3

We begin to explore the forest, and immediately run into a solid but clear wall. Heading away from the wall, we run into a desert valley with a town at the bottom.
We explore the town. Similar to the previous town, people are trapped by the builder. However, unlike the previous town, people work hard farming food, and barely survive.
There is a large statue, presumably of the builder, with a mirror pointing to the desert.

We only got minimal information from the villagers. We helped for a day, and ran into Kador’s family.
Jamie (I think) wandered into the desert in the evening and came across an invisible wall. He came across an entrance, and placed a torch to identify it.
The following evening the group followed with Steve into the desert, and tried to find the entrance to the maze. However, the torch had been swallowed by the desert.

We were confronted by a sphinx, which gave us a few questions. The first question was given through Jamie / Steve. When we failed, Jamie / Steve got turned into a zombie, and we needed to fight him. After defeat, Jamie went back to normal.
The Sphinx provided us with some more questions, and then transported us further into the maze.
Jamie guided us through the maze by femur-ing. Taking a couple femurs from skeleton archers, he would hold one out in front, and one to the right, and continued guiding us along the maze. That is, until we got to the “end”, where we attacked the wall, and it broke.
When we exited the maze, we found that we were “growing”, and we had exited a snow globe. There was actually a whole shelf of snow globes that looked very realistic, and we were able to see little people in them.
A person was in the room as we emerged, greeted us, and then ran out of the room, locking the door.

Session 2

We continued to wander around the dungeon. We had mixed results with doorknobs. (some opened. Some blew fireballs at us. Some bit us.)
We fought:
Skeleton archers … which we collected femurs from.
Diseased rats, which Kador (dave) got bitten by.
Following our journey, which was nearly the whole dungeon, we exited into a forest

Session 1: The Beggining
The Beggining

We woke up in the upper room of an inn.

Everyone felt nauseous. One exclaimed, “I’m dying!”. Thereafter, she had been dubbed “death”(Elleanna).

Wandering around the town, it seemed small, and there weren’t a lot of people. There were no visitors.  (The town is named Tahiti ('it's a magical place'))

There was a large fountain in front of the inn.

It looked like there was some device inside of the fountain. We investigated and Jamie (Steve) got injured.

After an audience with the Mayor (which took some time to arrange), we tried to find “jobs” around the town, in order to blend in.

The mayor gave us some background of the town. Namely:

  • No one remembered anything from before going to the town
  • The town was built by the “builder”
  • Once someone did leave the town. The person left through the fountain.

Stewart (Kevin) became a carver, and made a “masterpiece” of an eagle.

The next day, Stewart created a key which opened the fountain, and we exited into a hallway, which closed after we entered.

We wandered around a dungeon. We had mixed results with doorknobs. (some opened. Some blew fireballs at us. Some bit us.)


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