The City of Swords

Session 9

Entered room that we were outside of at the beginning of last session.  Ceiling had a mural with the God of Death, and a balcony on the South Wall.  Floor was made of square tiles, alternating black and white.  Suddenly… :::RATS::: , Giles exclaimed "Damn!" to first bite.  Combat.  We killed rats, they gave us monies.  We rested outside of the gory rat room, and came back in to scope out the balcony.  We came back into the room with rats bodies in generally the same area, and someone/ something shouting "I RIGHT!", and nommed on rat bodies.  Kador shot rat kebob at it.  "Trump Troll" came down into the midst of party members. We hit it hard, but it persisted and healed. Then Jamie stunned it, and we fired it (You're Fired!).  It burned and melted.  We found a Masterwork Wooden Shield (x 2) and a Potion of Remove Fear (Elleana), 20 GP, 199 SP, and 734 CP.  We exited the room through the South Door, and ran into a bit of a block.  :::RATS AGAIN!!:::  We kill more rats, but no coinage :(   We enter the room and see a wall with random glyphs and another mural on the ceiling.  Elleana looks at the wall and falls into a trance.  She is unreachable.  Bob tries to read the weird glyphs and trances, too.  It feels like crawling in the brain.  Eep.  Argo touches the wall and joins the Trance Party.  Kero tries to pry Argo away from the wall, but the trance transfers to her as well.  We pray, and sing "the song that gets on everybody's nerves", but nothing kicks the crawling sensation from our brains.  Bob dazes himself, and Jamie tosses water on him; he comes to.  Elleana goes blue, and suddenly the wall glyphs change, and the mural morphs into Aleria (sp?).  Elleana channeled help from Ethril (sp?), and managed to realign the symbols and mural.  We are no longer tranced, but her eyes retain exceptional flickers of blue when emotions are high.

After a 'night' of sleep we headed back to the Trump room and headed North through the hallway. Came up to a jail like room with 3 people (2 males 1 female) chained up. Giles is able to unlock the door and we go in to try and get them down.

One is Kero's father (she said 'yay daddy') and he is greatly injured, skin peeling off, obviously been tortured, etc. etc. Second male is Steward's dad and the female is named Brima.

Brima: human, rough in appearence, grey hair and brown eyes. Giles might know her but wasn't going to say anything in front of her (Brima).

Kador has a D cup. We were reminded of this whilst giving fresh clothes to the peeps. We disguise…nothing…something…to replace the three. We did well enough to fool someone if one was to stand at the door. Elleanna found a map of the surrounding area of the dungeon. Talking amongst ourselves then Kero went: "Dude dad, what happened?"  (back to the goddess room, blue  one)

Lady Brima (brima) is the daughter of the accountant (Lady Brima Sr, now known as LBS) as leverage as LBS is the accountant and knows about the embezzlement?? Kero doesn't trust brima and what she's saying. 

Feed 'em with that nutrition box??whateveritis. Got 5 nice hot apple pastries to give 'em to eat. Used 1lb of ankle bitter thing for it.



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