The City of Swords

Session 8

in the beginning…. we went to prison. Bree's character went to ask about her father dressed as a lower order class person(not dressed up actually, just carrying all the stuff). found out her dad was released four days prior to the visit. While visiting the supervisor of the guards, party members had to strip of all weapons. giles pulled out about 7 hidden daggers (check in to this later). Supervisor said that four days prior the father was 'collected' by council member Raider along with all personal affects. 

Stuart visited the cell the father was in, wrote the worst song in the world(smelled bad and saw nothing). supervisor questions his artistic capabilities.

After leaving the office, giles acquired all of his daggers back with extra. (Bree now has just a plain ordinary dagger)

Stuart is going to the town council to ask for more information. Went back to the fat shepard to see if anyone knew where Councilman Raider lives. We all pitched in to disguiseing Bree. We did a kick-ass job. :D

Giles was originally in the party to protect her highness, the royal princess of death, elleanna.

Giles stated that he believes the note about the father being kidnapped belongs to/originates from elleanna's family.

Kero and Giles(Now known as Logan) disguised themselves and headed to the evil temple of death. While there, they noticed prince dick assiness wynwood sitting and discussing something with the head clergy.

Kador and Bob decided to 'discretely' follow the above two by appearing to be on a date through town.

 Meanwhile in the bar… rustling was heard in the basement. After much discussion and commotion and confusing of the bartender… Stuart made a chair glow, and most of the party stealthed in to the basement, Elleanna dragged the glowing chair down totally not stealthy.  Turns out the rustling was a miniture purple sheep(probably magical) that appears to have adopted Stuart as a protecter/mother(for the moment!).  Everyone is in awe and just wants to hug/pet/cuddle the sheep.

Back to the temple of death… : Kero overheard some of elleannas cousins talking to the clergy about price fixing on a trade route that kero's family was involved in. 

(stuff to be filled in here)


Sheep was named Amaranth.  Was found out she is magical and good ligned.


After a weird night of sleeping (wierd due to Argo), in the morning we had breakfast, fed the sheep some cabbage and decided to follow its footprints back through the basement tunnel. Kador is able to track its hoofprints.

After approaching a t-junction in the tunnel, we realise that it is the exact same tunnel as we saw in the basement of Kero's family house. The sheeps tracks disappeared. we verified the right side bugbear room was still empty. we went left, and after about 10 feet we encountered a sudden pit trap about ten feet long. after some 'interesting' acrobatic manuevers involving some falling and climibg and a piece of rope. 

After making it down the hallway, we arrive in a torture chamber that contains fresh blood. (see map elsewhere)

the next room north of torture chamber

written in blood on the west wall of the first room around the corner in the hallway of withered corpses we saw "When north becomes south and the blade of knowledge is reforged the emerald citadel shall be found" the north and east walls are covered in black crystals.

the next room was a larger room with dead orcs covering the floor.  the entire floor was a mural depicting the goddess aleria (the maker of the staff).

large room up north had mural on ceiling of god of death(room is dotted on map)






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