The City of Swords

Session 7:

we did the stuff with the other stuff and the things <3

We got a map that mysteriously appeared

Bree's dad is in jail (now supposed kidnapped), mom was sick (we healed her ass), brother off on trading thing, sister married off to dwarves. 

Kevin's steward was kidnapped, mom killed, little brother sent to live with bree's mom. 

we keep on getting hit with darts in the ass

Basement of bree's house is magical (like the wizard's room) but only when we are alone. There was a tunnel leading back into town. We fought an ugly ass monster (forgot what it was). Bree paritally paid the steward some backpay

Got note that said ??give up the property and marriage and leave?

Dart is from assassin guild and has the mark of the God of Death on 'em. Other known entrance we think we know is in the inn we…inherited. The ?Dwarves? took it over and got some minions to run it. Another tunnel from the brothel…if it's connected to the inn as well, not sure.

Bree is broke af

All documents n stuff…everything…was taken. everything is not awesome

Me n Bree got healed….good chance of being re-infected cuz we don't know shit about this plague. Yay~

Guess divine curing does not produce antibodies 

Notes done by Steve n Crystal.  Previous session notes will be done at a later time. aka when we feel like it <3



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