The City of Swords

Session 5

Into the Woods

  • Parked the boat on the side of the river. It was damaged due to battle / fire
  • Party worked on gathering wood to help with boat repairs
  • Occasionally, a golden disk would fly overhead, that would make whirring noises. There would be an eyeball in the disk.

    • After the first couple of sightings, Kador tried, unsuccessfully, to shoot one with an arrow.
  • In an attempt to collect some more provisions, Kador and Giles searched the forest. They wandered into a glade of bounty, where they brought down a deer, and Giles was able to pick up a family of rabbits with a singular arrow. There was also a large variety of berries that people picked. Others helped bring the bounty back to camp / the boat.
  • When the boat set off, Jamie (Steve), Kador (Dave), and one other worked to help raise the gate, that the Orcs had put across the river, to prevent our boat from going through. This completed successfully, and all three jumped off of the top of the winch / grate in order to land on the boat. Jamie kindly provided feather falls to his two companions, so they wouldn't pancake on the boat.



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